How to apply General information

General information

Navigating your application to JCU is simple and straightforward with our collection of resources. Below is the general information you will need to apply to JCU, whether as an undergraduate, postgraduate, international or Higher Degree by Research student.

General guides

Fees and financial support

Understand the fees associated with university study and find out how you can access financial support.

Navigating QTAC

Find out more about the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre and explore our Frequently Asked Questions.

Standard entry requirements

Discover everything you need to know about understanding course entry requirements, including ATARs and subject-specific knowledge.

Transferring to JCU

Currently studying at another university? Discover how you can transfer to JCU in five simple steps.

Understanding ATARs, OPs and entry pathways

Find everything you need to know about the different ways in which JCU assesses your eligibility for entry into your chosen course.

Support for your application

Guaranteed Admissions Plan

Learn more about how you can gain guaranteed admission into some JCU degrees.

Pathways to JCU

Explore our available options for gaining entry into your course of choice - no matter your ATAR or what you studied in high school.

Prior study or work experience

Find out how your previous qualifications, work experience or other learnings may assist you to complete your course more quickly.

QTAC Packaged Offers

Discover how JCU packages many of our courses with the relevant pathway program. You may gain entry to both at once, streamlining your education journey.

Regional Preference Scheme

Queensland school leavers who live in a rural or remote area may be eligible for an adjusted ATAR in their university application. Find out more about the Regional Preference Scheme.

Rural Access Scheme

Students who live in areas classified as 'rural' or 'remote' may be eligible for assisted entry into JCU. See whether you meet the criteria.

Subject Adjustment Scheme

The Subject Adjustment Scheme recognises that some senior subjects require a high level of knowledge and skill to complete. School leavers may be eligible for an adjusted rank on their university application, based on subjects they completed in high school. Find out which subjects are included and how to qualify.

Guidelines and polices

Admissions transparency

Access information about the ATAR scores of successful applicants for each JCU course, at each JCU campus location.