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CITBA carries out research to provide the knowledge needed to ensure the development of sustainable international trade and business practices for Asian businesses, government institutions, and industry associations. CITBA also hosts events and engages with industry, governments, and other scholars from all four corners of the world.

CITBA News- January 2023

Welcome to the Centre for International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA) community! As we begin a new year, we are excited to embark on a journey of active collaboration, research, and engagement. CITBA's mission is to create a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and students to disseminate their findings and engage with global experts in the field of international trade and business.

Throughout the year, we will be organising a variety of workshops, international conferences, and other events to provide opportunities for our members to share their research, gain new insights, and network with others in the field. These events will provide a platform for members to present their work, receive feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions.

In addition to these events, we will also be working to support our members in developing their research careers by promoting areas of institutional research excellence, strengthening research capability, and fostering collaboration across disciplinary and Faculty boundaries.

We are looking forward to a year of exciting new research, engaging discussions, and meaningful collaborations. We encourage all of our members to participate in our events and to take advantage of the opportunities we provide to grow as researchers and professionals. Let's work together to make this a productive and successful year for CITBA and all of its members.

We encourage all of our members and followers to stay connected with us by following our updates on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, where we regularly share news, updates, and opportunities for collaboration and engagement within the CITBA community.

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