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CITBA carries out research to provide the knowledge needed to ensure the development of sustainable international trade and business practices for Asian businesses, government institutions, and industry associations.

As part of these offerings, we are keen to engage with media regarding the types of research and consultancy services that we offer. If you are interested in finding out more about CITBA and our areas of specific expertise please refer to our media contacts list.

CITBA News - January 2021

The recording of CITBA panel discussion on the Future of Retailing is now available on YouTube. special thanks to our amazing panellists and our event moderator, Dr Malobi Mukherjee.

Watch the event here

World Women Tourism (WWT) Global Webinar Series  

The World Women Tourism (WWT), an organization connecting women tourism professionals, collaborated with JCU’s Dr. Jenny Panchal in launching the Philippines Edition of WWT’s Global Webinar Series titled Accelerating Women in the Philippines. Dr. Panchal spearheaded the organization and planning of the webinar, which was held on 4th February 2021, Friday. The event attracted over 500 Filipinos, mostly women living in the Philippines and overseas.

The expert panel includes esteemed speakers Dr. Catheryn Khoo (Associate Professor, Griffith University), Former Undersecretary Alma Jimenez (Department of Tourism & President of ASEAN Society Philippines), Dir. Nelly Nita Dillera (Department of Trade & Industry-Philippine Trade Training Centre, DTI-PTTC) and Ms. Maria Christina Aquino (Chairwoman, Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc.). Dr Panchal and Dr Barkathunnisha (Co-Founder, WWT) moderated the webinar.

The goal of the GWS aims to support women in the tourism industry so that they may better approach the new disruptions that challenge their personal and professional lives. While the issues and challenges presented were specific to what Filipino women face in their country, the expert panel identified local programs, resources and combined them with global strategies, thus achieving WWT’s ‘glocal’ mission.

“Due to the impact of the ‘shecession’ it is critical to support women through the sharing of insights, resources and opportunities to facilitate innovation, capacity building and collaboration,” said Dr. Barkathunnisha, Co-Founder of WWT.

Apart from the attendees on Zoom, the webinar was live-streamed through DTI-PTTC’s Facebook Page which had over 1,000 viewers.

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