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CITBA Our News News and Events 2018

News and Events 2018

CITBA News - May 2018

Guo, Ying, Wood, Jacob, Pan, Wei, and Meng, Quingchun (2018) Inventory optimisation of airport perishable emergency supplies with replacement strategy facing stochastic occurrence time by CVaR approach. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 31. pp. 170-183.

The article can be found here

CITBA News - June 2018

Dr. Jacob Wood recently published an article "The new wave of protectionist trade policy in Asia". A digital copy of the magazine can be found at

CITBA News - July 2018

With a strong interest in social psychology and cognitive psychology we welcome Dr. Wang to the research team. His skills and knowledge in these areas will be important with the development of CITBA moving forward.

In keeping with the multidisciplinary aspect of CITBA, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jonathan Ramsay to the research team. With a background in psychology and research interests spanning the areas of personality psychology, social psychology, and organisational behaviour Dr. Ramsay has much to offer the centre.

CITBA welcomes Dr. Desti Kannaiah to the research team. Dr. Kannaiah has more than 35 years teaching and research experience and has been published in a range of leading international journals. His skills and depth of knowledge, particularly in the field of Accounting will be a value asset to the centre moving forward.

The centre welcomes Professor Adegbite to the research team at JCU Singapore. As a prodigious researcher his widely cited research on corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and corporate finance, has been published in leading academic journals. We are excited to have him on board.

CITBA News - August 2018

Kingkaew, S., & Dahms, S. Explaining autonomy variations across value‐chain activities in foreign‐owned subsidiaries. Thunderbird International Business Review

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Wesley Kendall to our research team. As an experienced educator and accomplished attorney with a strong background in commercial transactions, criminal and contract law Dr. Kendall has worked in universities in the US, China, Fiji and Vietnam. His experience will be vital as we look to continually develop the centre moving forward.

Dr. Wong has published widely in the field of knowledge management by taking a multidisciplinary approach and this field of research extends into knowledge-based cities, smart cities, creative cities, and creative industries with special focus on Singapore. This diverse array of research experience with a particular emphasis on Singapore will enhance our capabilities moving forward.

CITBA News - September 2018

We are very happy to welcome Dr. Azzali to our team. Dr. Azzali is a planner, designer, and urbanist who is passionately interested in working across traditional disciplinary boundaries to solve urban problems. Her research interests transcend scale and discipline and include all aspects of urbanism and sustainability of tropical cities with a strong emphasis on the impact of socio-cultural factors in shaping the built environment.


CITBA News - December 2018

CITBA is very happy to welcome Prof. Eddy Ng to our team. Eddy is a Visiting Professor of Organisational Behaviour at JCU Singapore. His research focuses on managing diversity for organisational competitiveness, the changing nature of work and organisations, and managing across generations.