CITBA Research Training Series

Research Training Series

Welcome to CITBA's Research Training Series. In this section, we offer a mix of workshops, webinars, and special courses, incorporating a variety of topics made available by expert academic members of the centre. The workshops are targeted to meet the needs for support at different stages of a research career.

Training videos

The training sessions are primarily aimed at Higher Degree Research students (HDRs), and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) who are at early stages of their research career and may find some sessions more relevant to their work than others. Each training video deals with specific aspects of the research methods, design, tools, and writing. We recommend HDRs to talk to their supervisors about which sessions are best suited to their current aims and needs. This series is edited by A/Prof Taha Chaiechi, who is Australia Director for CITBA, with a passion for providing additional research training opportunities to develop professional capabilities of our HDR cohort and ECRs.

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Paper Development Workshops in Sustainability and Resilience

The Paper Development Workshop in Sustainability and Resilience (PDWSR) series is established by popular demand to complement our annual BEMAS Conference program, providing opportunities to engage in in-depth discussions with high profile CITBA researchers and editors of CITBA’s associated journals. The workshops are designed to improve and encourage interactions not usually featured in other CITBA programs. The PDWRS sessions are structured as a workshop in a highly interactive format.

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