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Dr James Juniper

James Juniper is a lecturer in Economics with the Newcastle School of Business. Before entering academic life in 1990, James worked as a policy practitioner and researcher in both the Commonwealth and State Public Services. He has also worked with both “blue-collar” and public sector unions. James has supervised three PhDs applying Stock-Flow-Consistent macroeconomic models, along with other PhDs on a diverse range of topics including sub-national development, land zoning in regional NSW, financial development, TQM and environmental management, the philosophy of A. N. Whitehead, water management in Jordan, the modelling of technology innovation systems, and the regulation and prudential control of Australian financial institutions.

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Dr Adam Voak

Associate Professor Voak is a Talent Management and Career Development specialist applying 25+ years of human capability building experience across Australia and the ASEAN region. Adam is admitted to the High Court of Australia as a Barrister and Solicitor and holds Fellowships with the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and the International Specialised Skills Institute.

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Dr Brian Fairman

Dr Fairman has lived and worked in Indonesia and Timor-Leste for more than a decade designing and developing human capability and institutional strengthening programs for public, private and government institutions. Dr Fairman has developed a meaningful practice intervention model for assessing donor interventions in HRD programs.

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Photo of Assistant Professor Pooja Darda

Assistant Professor Pooja Darda

Pooja Darda is Assistant Professor, Marketing and Brand faculty MIT-World Peace University, India. She has worked with ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, Citi Financial and Piramyd Retail. She is a Brand consultant, Career counsellor and Life coach.

Dr Shilpa Deepak Deo

Dr Shilpa Deo is an Assistant Professor in Economics in the Faculty of Management at MIT- World Peace University, India. Her research focuses on feminisation of and vulnerability to poverty in India, with the help of primary data.

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Professor Lee Chae Jang

Prof. Lee Chae Jang is a senior Professor of Mathematics at Kokuk University in Seoul, South Korea. He has over 30 years of research experience in functional analysis, fuzzy theory, p-adic analysis and number theory.

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Dr Mansi Kapoor

Dr Mansi is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management at MIT-World Peace University, India. Her research interests include Spiritual Leadership and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Professor Hee-Cheol Moon

Prof. Moon is a Senior Professor of International Trade at Chungnam National University in Daejon, South Korea. He is currently the Director of the Management and Economics Research Association and Director of the Lifelong Education Centre.

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Dr Anjali Sane

Associate Professor

Dr Sane is Associate Dean in the Faculty of Commerce at MIT-World Peace University, India. In addition to academic administration, her research areas include Managerial Economics, Micro/Macro Economics and international business.

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Dr Chao Wang

Dr Chao Wang is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics and Management at Chang'an University, China. His research interests include international cargo transportation (International Logistics) and regional economic integration.

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Associate Professor Quang Chinh Nguyen

Dr Quang Chinh Nguyen is currently affiliated the Business Faculty FPT University, Hi-Tech Park, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. as a senior lecturer. He is also an Associate Professor International Development department, Midwest University USA. Dr Quang  received degree of Doctor of Science in Engineering and Technology Management from California Southern University. From industry practitioner and project management diversity, he has linked practical insights to a broad scale of business and engineering courses. His research interests include urban mobility, human-environment resilience, and sustainable construction.

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