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Our People

The CITBA team fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and interdisciplinary research. Comprising scholars from a diverse array of disciplines such as international business, trade, finance, economics, urban design, and knowledge management, CITBA acts as a research hub, think tank and collaborative network.

Our goal at CITBA is not only to improve the research output and quality of James Cook University, but also to support and enhance the competitiveness of firms and industries through our engagement with them. We provide practical, evidence-based solutions to a wide range of stakeholders, including academic practitioners, government agencies, business owners, industry associations and universities, by utilizing rigorous research methods and designs.

While the fields of international trade and business are complex subjects, CITBA’s model is simple: strategise, research and engage.


CITBA assists its members in developing their research careers by promoting areas of institutional research excellence, strengthening research capability, attracting external funding, fostering collaboration across disciplinary and Faculty boundaries, and enriching the research culture of the university.

Six reasons to become a CITBA member:

  1. Professional standing: As a member of CITBA, you will be associated with a reputable research center that is dedicated to advancing knowledge and providing practical solutions to the business community. This association will enhance your professional standing and credibility, and open up new opportunities for collaboration and funding.
  2. Members discount for conferences, training courses, and networking events: As a member, you will have access to discounted rates for CITBA events, including conferences, training courses, and networking events. This will provide you with opportunities to learn from experts, connect with other researchers, and stay informed about the latest developments in your field.
  3. Relevant professional development: CITBA offers a range of professional development opportunities for its members, including workshops, mentoring, and training programs. These opportunities will help you to develop your research skills, expand your knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field.
  4. Recognition: CITBA recognizes and rewards the contributions of its members through various means, such as awards, grants, and publications. This recognition will help to promote your work and increase your visibility within the research community.
  5. Connect locally and globally: As a member of CITBA, you will have access to a diverse network of researchers, practitioners, and industry partners. This network will provide you with opportunities to collaborate on projects, share knowledge, and connect with experts from around the world.
  6. Exclusive networking opportunities: CITBA members have exclusive access to networking events and opportunities that provide them with unique opportunities to connect with other researchers, practitioners, and industry partners. These opportunities will help you to build relationships, share knowledge, and collaborate on research projects.

Membership Expectations:

As a CITBA member, it is expected that you actively engage and collaborate within the CITBA community. This can be achieved through a variety of opportunities, such as:

  • Participation in events: CITBA organizes annual international conferences and other events. Members are encouraged to attend these events and contribute by presenting their research works and ideas. Additionally, members are eligible for discounts on conference, training course, and networking event fees.
  • Community building: CITBA members are encouraged to form connections with other members of the CITBA research community. This includes building relationships with senior research members who can offer mentorship and guidance, as well as establishing collaborations that may lead to joint publications and other research opportunities.
  • By actively participating and collaborating within the CITBA community, members can gain professional standing, access relevant professional development opportunities, receive recognition for their work, and establish connections locally and globally.

To qualify for academic membership, you must:

  • Have an academic interest in existing and developing research areas of importance to the local and the international community
  • Identify with at least one of the following academic clusters based on their research and/or teaching expertise:
    • Business and Economics
    • International Trade
    • Smart Cities
    • Tourism
    • Urban Planning
    • Law and Politics
    • Science and Technology

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To qualify for HDR membership, you must be enrolled in honours, postgraduate coursework, research masters, or a PhD program at JCU.

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Associate and Research Fellow membership is open to:

  • The professional staff within the JCU Research Division;
  • Independent researchers;
  • Individuals, companies and organisations involved in non-academic fields relevant to CITBA.

Benefits of Associate and Research Fellow membership:

  • Academic spin-offs
  • Information exchange forums
  • Consultancies
  • Academic involvement in industry projects
  • Joint seminars/symposiums
  • Collegial interchange

Participation Expectations:

CITBA Research Fellows are expected to be active participants and collaborators within the CITBA community, and there is a variety of opportunities to do so.

  1. Involvement in events: Participate and present in CITBA events: CITBA organises annual international conferences and other events. It is expected that fellows support these events by participating and sharing their research works and ideas. CITBA research fellows enjoy Members discounts for conferences, training courses, and networking events.
  2. Community-building: CITBA research fellows are expected to build rapport with the CITBA research community, especially senior research members who can help fellows in mentoring capacities and establish lasting relationships that could lead to research collaborations, joint publications, etc.
  3. Involvement in Research Projects: The CITBA Research cohort is a valuable resource. There are four Flagships within CITBA, each of which is home to several nested research projects. CITBA Research fellows are expected to put forward a project proposal for joining one of the four flagships within the first three months of their joining the center. Research fellows are encouraged to establish a small team for their research project consisting of at least one existing academic CITBA member.

Fellowships are reviewed based on the above criteria every 12 months, and active fellows will be invited to renew their membership at the end of each year free of charge.

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