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CITBA Leadership

Centre Head: Associate Professor Taha Chaiechi

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Associate Professor Taha Chaiechi is the Head of CITBA at James Cook University, Australia. In her role, she oversees the full spectrum of the center’s activities and strategic decisions within Australia and extends its influence internationally. Her leadership focuses on  steering CITBA’s research  focus on tropical ecosystems, conservation and climate change, and the socio-economic dynamics of the tropics, but also emphasises community engagement through the facilitation and organization of international, national, and local scholarly events.. Established in 2018, CITBA is the only research center within the College of Business, Law, and Governance at James Cook University that is dedicated to excellence in research on these pivotal areas.

CITBA Singapore: Associate Professor Pengji Wang

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Associate Professor Pengji Wang, as the CITBA Director at JCU Singapore, plays a pivotal role in steering the center's operations within Singapore. Associate Professor Wang tailores CITBA’s activities to the unique business and academic environment of Singapore, ensuring that the center's initiatives are both relevant and impactful in the region. Associate Professor Wang's direction is instrumental in synchronizing local operations with the broader goals of CITBA, thereby enhancing the center's integration and effectiveness in international trade and business research.

CITBA Governance Structure

The Centre for International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA) is an exclusive research center within the College of Business, Law, and Governance (CBLG) at James Cook University Australia. Its headquarters are located in Australia, further solidifying its presence and commitment to advancing knowledge in the field.

Central to CITBA's governance is the CITBA Management Committee, presided over by the Dean of the College of Business, Law, and Governance. The CITBA Director - JCU Australia, in collaboration with the Dean of CBLG, spearheads the CITBA Management Committee, reinforcing the synergy between CITBA's operational strategies and the university's overarching academic and research goals. This model of collaborative governance ensures effective governance and management of the center. The primary locus of power of decision-making lies with JCU Australia and the CITBA Management Committee, headed by the Centre Head, holds the ultimate responsibility for the center's affairs, taking actions that best serve CITBA's purpose and further its objectives

Professor Stephen Boyle, DVC Singapore and Dean, College of Business , Law, and Governance, JCU  Australia
Associate Professor Taha Chaiechi, Centre Head - Australia 
Associate Professor Pengji Wang, CITBA Singapore 
Associate Professor Josephine Pryce - JCU Australia
Associate Professor Carmen Reaiche- JCU Australia 
Professor Peter Hofman, JCU- Singapore