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CITBA Leadership

Associate Professor Taha Chaiechi

CITBA Director- JCU Australia

Associate Professor Chaiechi's research attitude is holistic and inspired by issues such as climate change, and disasters, and their impacts on diverse economic sectors such as public health, tourism, environment & energy.

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Dr Emiel Eijdenberg

CITBA Director- JCU Singapore

Dr. Eijdenberg’s research interest is about entrepreneurs in emerging countries, particularly on how personal factors are related to business growth.

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CITBA Management Committee

The Centre's governance structure comprises two country- directors: CITBA Director- JCU Australia and CITBA Director- JCU Singapore. In addition, the CITBA Management Committee includes the Dean, College of Business, Law, and Governance, four faculty members from JCU, and two country Directors who help to oversee the governance of the Centre. The ultimate responsibility for the Centre's affairs shall be vested in the CITBA Committee, which will take such actions as may best further the purpose of the Centre.

Professor Stephen Boyle, Dean, College of Business , Law, and Governance, JCU  Australia
Associate Professor Taha Chaiechi, CITBA Director - Australia 
Dr Emiel Eijdenberg, CITBA Director - Singapore
Associate Professor Carmen Reaiche Amaro - JCU Australia
Associate Professor Josephine Pryce - JCU Australia
Dr Sook Rei Tan,  JCU-Singapore
Professor Peter Hofman, JCU- Singapore