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Recent news in Science and Engineering

Corals storm back after ‘sea-weeding’ project
Fri, 15 Sep 2023
A volunteer seaweed removal program involving citizen scientists has seen a dramatic improvement of up to 600 per cent coral regrowth off the coast of Magnetic Island.

Weed sprayer a game-changer for farmers
Tue, 5 Sep 2023
Cane farmers could dramatically reduce herbicide costs and Reef run-off thanks to an innovative new crop sprayer project led by James Cook University.

New ARC Training Centre in Plant Biosecurity
Thu, 31 Aug 2023
James Cook University is part of a newly funded national initiative to protect Australia from invasive pests and diseases.

Trevally’s mystery spread probed
Wed, 30 Aug 2023
Researchers may have an answer to the mystery of why an anglers’ favourite, the golden trevally, is so widespread globally – the prized fish might ‘hitchhike’ with whale sharks.

Tropical forests may be approaching a critical threshold
Thu, 24 Aug 2023
On the heels of Earth’s warmest week on record, a new study finds the world’s tropical forest canopies may be closer to critical high-temperature thresholds than previously thought, but there may still be time to act.

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