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Recent news in Science and Engineering

AI reveals secret roads endangering the world’s rainforests
Fri, 1 Mar 2024
Satellite images analysed by AI are emerging as a new tool in finding unmapped roads that bring environmental destruction to wilderness areas.

First reports of severe coral bleaching this summer as the Great Barrier Reef warms up
Thu, 22 Feb 2024
As ocean temperatures continue to warm over the Great Barrier Reef this summer, James Cook University scientists have reported areas of moderate to severe coral bleaching around the Keppel Islands, offshore from Rockhampton.

JCU zooms in on $2 million microscope
Thu, 15 Feb 2024
A “supercharged” electron microscope worth almost $2 million is set to place James Cook University researchers at the forefront of the green energy revolution.

100 trillion pixels unveil the world’s coral reefs
Wed, 14 Feb 2024
Scientists using high-resolution satellites and machine learning have made a significant leap forward in understanding and monitoring the world’s coral reefs.

Swimmers to be safer thanks to ‘CSI-like’ investigations into box jellyfish movements
Tue, 13 Feb 2024
Ground-breaking work by a James Cook University researcher could soon keep swimmers safer, thanks to a revolutionary technology that can track one of the world’s most venomous animals, the Australian box Jellyfish.

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