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JCU’s Investment in Research Education and Training

JCU currently has an enrolment of some 800 research higher degree students, 30% of which are international students. Research higher degree students represent 5.5% of JCU’s total student enrolments.

JCU provides direct funding to Faculties and Schools for research training based on research performance. In addition, JCU has invested in the following central structures and resources to ensure that research training is of high quality across the University:

  • The Graduate Research School (GRS), which ensures that the policies and procedures for research higher degree admission, monitoring of progress, and examination are consistent across all Faculties;

  • A centrally administered system of milestones including a formal Confirmation of Candidature, an Annual Report and a Pre-Completion Seminar and Assessment;

  • A centralised competitive system for awarding government and University stipend scholarships based on the academic and research record of the prospective students and the research and research training record of the Advisory Team;

  • The GRS managed Research Skills Program, which offers free access to generics skills training opportunities throughout the year;

  • The GRS managed Skills for International Postgraduates (SKIP) Program, which provides mandatory specialist academic support to international students;

  • A central register and specialist training and refresher courses for both aspiring and experienced advisors (supervisors) of research higher degree candidates at JCU and at collaborative institutions.

  • A policy and framework for the minimum standard of resources, facilities and other support to be provided to various categories of research student;

  • A Postgraduate Research Centre, located on the Cairns, Nguma-bada Campus;

  • A scheme of competitive grants for research students; and

  • Fee Subsidy Scholarships for international students who win competitive stipend scholarships.

JCU has made these investments in research training in recognition of the importance of research training to our national and knowledge economies.  JCU is keenly conscious of the contributions made by research higher degree candidates to innovation, new knowledge and Australia’s productivity and competitiveness.