Advisory Panel

The JCU Research Education Sub-Committee (RESC) will appoint an advisory panel for each HDR candidate. The panel will support the Primary Advisor, as Chair of the Panel, and the Head of the Enrolling Organisational Unit in their supervision of the candidate. Members of the Advisory Panel will be members of the University listed on the Register of Advisors or other persons with expertise appropriate to, but not necessarily or specifically in, the candidate’s research area. The Advisory Panel shall include:

  • Primary Advisor (can be Primary or Advisor Mentor Level on the Register)
  • Secondary Advisor (can be Secondary, Primary or Advisor Mentor level on the Register)

There must be an Advisor Mentor level advisor on the panel, if neither the Primary or Secondary Advisor is Advisor Mentor level a third advisor must be appointed to the panel who is Advisor Mentor level.

If there is an external advisor on the panel the Primary and Secondary advisors must be JCU staff on the JCU Register of Advisors.

The Advisory Panel must ensure that the candidate has access to the basic resources required for their project as outlined in the Minimum Standard of Resources and Facilities and other Support for Research Higher Degree Students. If the required resources are not available within the research group, it is the responsibility of the Advisory Panel to assist the candidate to obtain these resources from within or outside the School, Campus or University. In addition, the Advisory Panel must ensure that access to resources within their research group is equitable.