Leadership and Initiative

The Leadership and Initiative category of RD7003 Professional Development encourages candidates to engage in a range of professionally beneficial activities during candidature, and have these formally acknowledged on their Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

This category does not use hours as a metric.  Instead, it operates on a points system (see below).  You must reach 10 points for your activities in this category to be used to satisfy the Elective (Flexible) component of RD7003.  You will note that no single activity is sufficient – you must undertake more than one relevant activity, but you will have many possible ways to achieve your 10 points.

Points are available on a sliding scale, where some activities (such as undertaking a formal internship) attract more points (7), than being an HDR ambassador (3 points) or attending a conference (1 point). The activities include but are not limited to:

Participation in a formal internship of 30 days to 6 months7
Establishing and running a writing circle or Shut Up And Write Group3
Establishing and running a journal club3
Chairing a committee to organise and run a conference for peers3
Publishing a journal article3
Being an HDR Ambassador3
Running skills training (for example, R training) for peers3
Presenting a paper or a poster at a conference3
Being an International student mentor3
Being an HDR representative on a College or GRS research and/or education committee3
Preparing a successful grant application for an external research grant related to the candidate’s HDR project3
Peer reviewing a journal article for a scholarly journal3
Being a committee member for a peer conference2
Assisting an academic to organise a conference2
Undertaking official social media activities during an academic conference2
Participating in a JCU 3MT competition, at either College or University level2
Giving a research presentation to an internal College seminar series2
Being interviewed by media or other interested parties on your area of expertise2
Presenting a short skills training series (one or two sessions) to peers2
Preparing a successful grant application for an internal (JCU) research grant related to the candidate’s HDR project2
Attending a conference, without presenting1
Attendance at a GRS Completions Event1
Participating in a GRS-run candidature experience focus group OR survey pre-test interviews

All activities that demonstrate leadership and initiative are encouraged. Please contact the subject coordinator if you are unsure whether your proposed activities fit into this category.

Subject Coordinator
Associate Professor Liz Tynan