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International students

SKIP (Skills for International Postgraduates) Program

The SKIP Program is designed to help International HDR candidates finish their thesis on time by equipping them with experience in professional academic writing, including training in critical thinking, research presentation and writing for journals. SKIP is also the only postgraduate support program to provide individual editing assistance. SKIP is not an English language program.

SKIP is compulsory for all international research students in their first year of research higher degree candidature.

Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA)

The Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA) is an academic writing test that is designed to gauge the academic writing abilities of research degree candidates who have English as an Additional Language (EAL). The test helps the Graduate Research School to understand how best to support candidates in developing their writing skills. Those who do require assistance will receive targeted and flexible support tailored to their requirements.

The outcome of this assessment will determine each candidate’s writing support plan. The most intensive level of support will involve regular contact with writing support staff and attendance at compulsory seminar sessions, as well as further writing assessment and a re-test.

Meet some of JCU's International Students

JCU has students from over 100 countries studying in North Queensland. We asked them to share their experiences and give advice for new international students who will be studying at JCU.

For more videos see our International Students Experiences playlist on YouTube. For more information on preparing to come to Australia, please visit the International students section of our website.