QRC-PVD Research Team

Professor Jonathan Golledge

Centre Director

Professor Jonathan Golledge is Director of the QRC-PVD and its pre-clinical arm The Vascular Biology Unit (VBU) at the College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University. He joined JCU in 2002 and established the QRC-PVD with the aim of carrying out research intended to be translated into improved management of peripheral vascular diseases.


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Dr Joseph Moxon

Senior Research Scientist

Joseph's research focus is on PAD, predominately complications arising from lower limb atherosclerosis and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Upon joining JCU, he was surprised to learn how common PAD is within the general population. Approximately one quarter of the adult population will develop PAD and this significantly increases the risk of suffering major cardiovascular events (such as heart attack) and increases the rate of functional decline. Despite this, there are no effective drugs to treat patients, many of whom will ultimately require invasive surgery to treat their condition. Joseph's research primarily focuses on identifying novel drug or diagnostic targets for PAD with a specific emphasis on translating findings from the laboratory to the patient.


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Dr Smriti Krishna

Senior Research Scientist

Smriti leads one of the QRC-PVD pre-clinical teams with a special focus on development and use of pre-clinical models of blocked arteries (peripheral arterial diseases; PAD) and weakened arteries (abdominal aortic aneurysms; AAA).


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Dr Ratnesh Gilhotra

Senior Research Worker

Ratnesh is a Medical Scientist with 25 years’ postdoctoral experience working in clinical diagnostics, research, blood processing and bio banking laboratory. She brought with her a vast experience of handling blood products and managing data to convene all aspects of bio banking at QRC-PVD in 2011. Her current role is to prepare human clinical research ethics and governance applications for clinical trials at QRC-PVD along with overseeing biobank.


Dr Pacific Huynh

Research Officer

Freshly arrived from a PhD at the Department of Diabetes, Monash University in Victoria, Dr Pacific Huynh's research is focused on the pathological role of a profibrotic molecule, Cell Division Autoantigen-1, in the context of renal fibrosis. In the course of his studies at Monash, he utilised a number of mouse models of non-diabetic and diabetic renal fibrosis, as well as a vast repertoire of biochemical techniques.Pacific joined the JCU Vascular Biology Unit mid-2018 to conduct functional and biochemical research in mouse models of vascular disease, in particular diabetes-associated peripheral wound healing and abdominal aortic aneurysms.


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Jenna Pinchbeck

Senior Clinical Research Worker and Team Leader

Jenna is an accredited exercise physiologist with experience in conducting clinical research, in particular clinical trials. Her current role is to set up and coordinate QRC-PVD clinical trials. Jenna is also a sessional lecturer for the degree of exercise physiology for JCU Sport and Exercise Science.


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Lisan Mulvey

Senior Clinical Research Worker

Lisan recruits, coordinates and assesses participants for the Brief Behavioural Counselling Intervention for Peripheral Artery Disease (BIP). She is also involved with two other pharmaceutical trials, FAME2 and TEDY, which investigates different drug treatments for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA).

Lisan uses dietetic experience and skills to conduct dietary assessments on patients with peripheral vascular disease. The role of nutrition in this condition is not well understood and she aims to further increase knowledge in this area so that a greater understanding can be achieved and a dietary treatment can be developed.


Cindy Sealey

Clinical Research Worker

Cindy oversees ethics and governance requirements for all clinical trials. She also coordinates and provides interventions within the Brief Behavioural Counselling Intervention for Peripheral Artery Disease (BIP) study.


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Alexandra Golledge

Senior Research Worker


Glenys Standley

Research Assistant

Glenys previously worked as a registered nurse (RN), training at the Townsville Hospital in 1991, followed by postgraduate work as a qualified RN for the next 15 years. After leaving nursing, she operated her own business. Glenys commenced with the QRC-PVD in 2011 to assist with data collection and patient information management.


Dr Mal Fernando

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Fernando is a podiatrist and part-time post-doctoral research fellow working on clinical projects aimed at preventing and better managing diabetes-related lower limb complications. He is also the project manager for the clinical arm of the Ulcer and Wound Healing Consortium (UHEAL) funded by James Cook University.


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Jacinta Bonaventura

Research Worker

As an accredited exercise physiologist Jacinta has an interest in helping people become more physically active. She does this through her role as a research worker at QRCPVD. Jacinta is responsible for the recruitment, screening, assessment and follow up of research participants for clinical trials. She uses her exercise physiology skills to conduct physical assessments on participants including anthropometry, six minute walk test and ankle brachial pressure index.


Alkira Venn

Research Worker

Alkira is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with previous experience in private practice and in arterial stiffness research.

Alkira’s role is to assist in the coordination and assessments for the Brief Behavioural Counselling Intervention for Peripheral Artery Disease (BIP) and recruit and assess participants for MEtfoRmIn for Treating Peripheral Artery Disease-Related Walking Impairment (MERIT) study.

Alkira is also a sessional tutor for the degrees of Sport and Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology at JCU.


Rebecca Webb

Research Assistant

Bec Joined QRC-PVD in 2018. Her role is to manage safe storage and documentation of clinical trial and biobank samples. Bec brings many years of laboratory and sample handling experience.


Kathleen Pola

Research Administration Officer

Kate is a senior scientist with over 20 years experience in private Pathology. Her role is to ensure compliance in all area's for the laboratory and to oversee the processing, testing, storage and distribution of the QCR PVD Biobank samples.


Sandra Burrows

Administration Officer

Sandra has over 17 years experience at JCU, providing administrative support to a wide range of staff and areas within the University.  She now applies this experience to the support of the QRC PVD research team.