Dr Nga Vu

Portrait of Dr Nga Vu

Population genomics of black tiger prawns Penaeus monodon to understand the wild fishery and aquaculture production

Dr Nga Vu is from Vietnam, and completed a Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture at Nha Trang University in Vietnam. Nga has also worked as a research assistant in the field of sustainable aquaculture and rural development in northern Vietnam.

Dr Vu completed her PhD examining the population genomic structure of black tiger shrimp P. monodon within the Indo-Pacific, with a particular focus on Australian population by using thousands of genome-wide SNP.  The results will resolve fine-scale population structure and search for evidence of adaptive sweeps evident in the genome by geographic distance or the environment. Based on genetic diversity assayed, genomic selection prediction will be modeled to translate in admixed populations of black tiger shrimp.

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