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CSTFA Webinar Recordings

Alternative to using toxic mercury in climate change research
by Dr Ben Mos (National Marine Science Centre (NMSC), Southern Cross University)

Shedding Light on Sharks in the Dark
by Dr Brittany Finuccu (National Institute of Water and the Atmospheric Research (NIWA) Wellington, New Zealand)

Climate change, adaptation, and (im)mobility: exploring local responses to coastal hazards in a small island state
by Dr Annah Piggot (Queensland University of Technology)

Fisheries bycatch management, and electronic monitoring systems
by Dr Eric Gilman, Fisheries Scientist  (Safina Centre)

Small-Scale Fishers and Fish Farmers Restoring Ecosystems: Stories from Asia
by Dr Naomi Gardiner (JCU)

Insect culture in the Netherlands for feed and food
by Dr Olga Haenen (Dutch National Reference Laboratory for Fish, Shellfish and Crustacean Diseases)

How can grazing modify seagrass meadow structure?
by Abbi Scott (TropWater, James Cook University)

Is Limited Entry a pre-requisite for sustainable fisheries management?
by Dr Paul McShane (James Cook University)

Releasing the genetic potential of aquaculture species - what role for genomics?
by Prof Ross Houston (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

Models and methods for sustaining tropical fisheries in a changing climate
by Dr Éva Plagányi (CSIRO)

Perspectives for population-level inferences from environmental DNA (eDNA)
by Dr Eva Sigsgaard (Aarhus University, Denmark)

Feed efficient rainbow trout families to enhance the plant protein utilization
by Dr Vikas Kumar (University of Idaho, USA)

Methods to propagate corals from eggs to adults for selective breeding programs
by Dr Adriana Humanes (Newcastle University - UK)

Modelling regime shifts of coral reefs to sponge reefs
by Dr Alberto Rovellini (University of Wellington)

Diseases in Aquaculture: Counting the costs of the top 100
by Dr Andy Shin (Benchmark R&D)

Not all hybrid zones are equal: A story of marine mussels in Australia
by Professor Cynthia Riginos (University of Queensland)

Using eDNA to reconstruct fisheries landings
by Dr Madeline Green (CSIRO & University of Tasmania)

Something old, something new: historical perspectives provide lessons for blue growth agenda
by Dr Bryony Caswell (University of Hull) and Dr Ruth Thurstan (University of Exeter)

Recreational Fishing in the 21st Century
by Dr Owen Li (University of Wollongong)

Adaptation and Acclimation of Coral Reef Fish as a Response to Global Warming
by Professor Tim Ravasi (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)

The feasibility and future of restoring Tasmania’s disappearing giant kelp forests
by Dr Cayne Layton (University of Tasmania)

CSTFA Media Releases

11 October 2018

Shrimp talent quest finds a winner

4 October 2018

New testing lab takes pressure off prawn farmers

27 September 2018

CSTFA appointed as an official Technology Resource Partner (Australia) for APEC PPFS (Asian Pacific Economic Co-operation - Policy Partnership on Food Security).

APEC PPFS has as its mandate to strengthen and facilitate public-private cooperation to address food security issues in the region.

For information on the aims of APEC PPFS and current priorities please visit this website below:

Policy Partnership on Food Security

23 August 2018

Shrimp help to heal injured fish

22 August 2018

New fish in sights of citizen scientists

5 July 2018

Researchers from JCU and the Australian Prawn Farmers' Association (APFA) awarded CRCNA funding to conduct an audit of Queensland prawn farms to target bio-security threats

Biosecurity in northern Australian prawn aquaculture

28 June 2018

‘Gloomy’ octopuses’ Tassie sea change

1 May 2018

JCU spreads aquaculture knowledge internationally

23 January 2018

New pygmy squid discovery