Shiori Kanno

Portrait of Shiori Kanno

Habitat use, movement patterns and trophic ecology of sharks and rays within mangrove habitats

Shiori Kanno was studying marine biology and ecology at JCU for her master’s degree. She was doing minor research project on stingray’s fine-scale habitat use within a mangrove-associated intertidal bay using stationary video transect

Shiori is currently undertaking a PhD project that aims to examine spatial and trophic ecology of sharks and rays within mangroves and the importance of mangrove ecosystems to elasmobranchs. Her project will reveal how sharks and rays use mangrove habitats where have been globally lost mainly due to human use and climate change. She also has been studying shark’s palaeontology since her undergraduate. Both living and extinct shark’s knowledge stimulates her interests in how sharks and rays are interacting with the ecosystem.