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Connect external venue to JCU

JCU End-points

  • James Cook University has some 160 TANDBERG/Cisco end-points on its network.
  • H323 and SIP are supported
  • Bandwidth is only limited by the maximum bandwidth capability of the required end-point.
  • H.239 (Duo-video) is supported by all end-points.

MCU - Bridging

A Codian MCU provides the capability to connect 40 high definition video sites and 40 telephone calls concurrently Some endpoints are multi point capable but most are only capable of connecting point-to-point.

Firewall traversal

JCU utilizes one TANDBERG Video Communication Server Expressway (VCS-E) in combination with two TANDBERG Video Communication Server Controls (VCS-C) to provide secure firewall traversal.

Connection methods

There are two methods of making a connection from an external site into a JCU venue/room: IP or ISDN. The method is dependent upon the equipment type and capability of the external site. The preferred connection method at JCU is over IP but in some instances the call may have to be connected over ISDN.

Connect over IP

Connect over ISDN


Zoom, a virtual meeting room (VMR) video conferencing system designed to enhance communication and collaboration, was launched in March 2018 and is available to all staff and students. External participants, who experience difficulties in connecting directly to JCU videoconference enabled rooms, are encouraged to make the connection using Zoom. Zoom meetings can be created from the Outlook or directly from the Zoom client. The connection string to Zoom from a Cisco endpointaddress is format is, and the ZoomID to use can be either the unique personal ID or one created randomly.

Jabber Video (formerly known as Movi)

Some staff members at JCU use Cisco Jabber Video (Movi) as their personal high definition (HD) capable, desktop videoconferencing solution. Jabber Video users are reachable from video conference endpoints and Jabber Video users by using this dialling format:


Testing the connection (IP or ISDN)

Facetime and Skype



Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync)

Technical questions

Conferences with the College of Medicine & Dentistry:

The College of Medicine & Dentistry has its own videoconferencing support staff. All inquiries relating to video conferences with this college are to be emailed to

Videoconferencing testing can be conducted by dialling their test unit (Tandberg 990MXP) H323 or SIP or 47816456@

Conferences with all other schools and faculties:

Contact Videoconferencing & Audio Visual Services at either the Townsville or Cairns campus.