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A Legal Lens on Diversity

With Tilé Imo & Olamide Kowalik, Tilé & Olly Meets Podcast

Law Seminar Series - Diversity in the Legal Profession

Monday 27 May 2024, 10.00am – 11.00am
Where: Bld 028, Room 003, JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba Campus, Douglas

What does diversity in law look like to you? In Season 1 of the 'Tilé and Olly Meets' podcast, the theme was 'Lens on Diversity'. Join us as these podcast co-hosts, lawyers, and JCU alums, Tilé and Olly, take you through some of the key lessons they have learned from their podcast. During their first season they met with lawyers, barristers, judges, and justice advocates of diverse backgrounds. Their 23 podcast guests varied in age, gender, sexuality, race, faith and disability to name a few. What were their thoughts on diversity? How were they applying their lived experiences to their legal practice? What resources or frameworks have helped them to navigate diversity? This presentation will explore some of these answers, as well as tap into Tilé and Olly’s own lived and practice experiences in law. You will not want to miss this opportunity to have a fresh new lens on diversity in the legal profession.

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About the Presenter

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Tilé Imo and Olamide Kowalik (Olly) are Queensland-based lawyers who created a legal podcast series called “Tilé and Olly Meets”. Their first season was sub-titled “Lens on Diversity” and the purpose was to showcase and explore diversity in the legal profession. During their first season, they met with 23 unique and diverse legal and justice professionals from the judiciary, to solicitors, barristers, and law students. Tilé is a lawyer with 10 years practice experience in family, domestic violence and elder law. Olly is a lawyer with 20 years practice experience in personal injury litigation. They met through their respective work, collaboration, and diversity initiatives with the Pasifika Lawyers Association of Queensland and the Queensland African Lawyers Network. Together, they bring together 30 years of practice experience and lived experience in the law as people from a culturally diverse background. Tilé and Olly are industry recognised and award winning lawyers respectively, and share a passion and connection towards social justice. The second season of their podcast will begin airing in late March 2024, and will be sub-titled “Traversing inclusion and belonging”.

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