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Insights Into Multicultural Mediation

With Amiel Nubaha, Comprehensive Mediation Services

Law Seminar Series - Mediation for Multicultural Societies

Thursday 21 March 2024, 12.00pm – 1.00pm
Where: This is an online event

In an increasingly diverse country like Australia, effective communication and conflict resolution become essential skills. Join us for an insightful and interactive presentation with experienced Mediator Amiel Nubaha as he explores the nuances of mediation within Australia’s multicultural communities. This seminar aims to provide valuable insights and strategies for mediators, community leaders and anyone interested in fostering understanding and harmony across diverse cultural backgrounds.

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About the Presenter

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Amiel, a Principal Mediator at Comprehensive Mediation Services, stands as an exemplar of resilience and accomplishment in the realm of restorative practice and dispute resolution. Born in the aftermath of the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994, he migrated to Australia in 2009 through the UNHCR Resettlement Program, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Amiel holds a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and a postgraduate certificate in Family Dispute Resolution from Bondi University. His academic achievements underscore his commitment to excellence in the complex field of mediation. Accredited as a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Practitioner by the Attorney General's Department, Amiel is recognised for his proficiency and dedication to the highest professional standards. As a highly experienced restorative justice practitioner and multicultural community advocate, Amiel draws upon personal and professional experiences to provide effective mediation services. Also, with significant experience supporting individuals, families, businesses and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Amiel serves as a bridge, fostering understanding and harmony across many divides.

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