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Jock Serong

Jock's 'On the Java Ridge' was announced as the 2018 Colin Roderick Award winner in October 2018 at the Foundation's annual award dinner event.

The writing leaves you breathless and there are passages that are brilliant. Serong brings together thriller, political critique, and adventure story in a way that might be reminiscent of James Bond, were it not that governments turn out to be the evilest of all.

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Josephine Wilson

Josephine's novel 'Extinctions' was announced as the 2017 Colin Roderick Award winner on 30th October 2017 at the Foundation's annual award dinner event.

Extinctions is a beautifully written novel, characterised by total precision, as well as harmony, in word and thought. There are moments of profound and incisive emotional insight; these are presented in a style that avoids conscious 'literariness' in favour of a distinctive mix of humour, precision, and poetry.

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Gail Jones

Gail Jones's novel 'A Guide to Berlin' was announced as the 2016 Colin Roderick Award winner at the Foundation's annual award dinner event.

Jones’s sentences are crystalline like the snow she writes about so beautifully and poignantly. The narrative took the reader where the story inevitably had to go: on a misadventure.  It was a poignant story of lost and dysfunctional postmodern wanderers in search of a tribe, desperate globetrotting people drawn together in their mutual pursuit of some kind of magic in a broken, unhallowed world and ultimately finding only themselves, a lack of moral courage, and bumbling into more brokenness, more hurt, and more damage.

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