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Canadian student loans and grants may be available through both the Government of Canada, and/or the province or territory where you reside. To find out more, please refer to the following links:

Government of Canada - Grants and Loans general information

Government of Canada - National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC)

Financial Assistance office for your home province or territory - Contact Details (see below)


  • When searching for approved schools, you will find us listed as "James Cook Univ of North Queensland"
    • Accredited Educational Provider Codes are - JCU Townsville VUAW or JCU Cairns VUCN
  • As of mid-2021 there is an additional location added by Ontario which is for Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery applicants only. The school name is "James Cook University - College of Medicine and Dentistry", and the code is VUCZ

The following information is a guide only, taken directly from the NSLSC website. Please contact the financial aid assistance office within your home province directly for more information.

You may be eligible to receive a combination of federal and provincial student loans.

Manage and repay your student loan through the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC).

You may be eligible to receive two loans: one from the Government of Canada and the other from your provincial government.

Manage and repay your loans through two loan providers: the NSLSC website for your Canada Student Loan, and your provincial government's student financial assistance office or their service provider for your provincial loan.

Apply for a Canada Student Loan through Yukon Student Aid.

You are assessed for both federal and territorial grants as well as a Canada Student Loan.

Manage and repay your student loan through the NSLSC website.

Canada Student Loans and Grants are not available. To find out about their student loan programs, visit the provincial financial assistance office directly.

For assistance with forms

Students applying for financial aid will require JCU to complete a Program Information Form and/or Confirmation of Enrolment form. JCU will also complete the TL11a tax form (“Canadian Tuition, education and textbook certificate”), continuation of interest-free status forms, and other related forms.

If you would like to contact the Financial Aid office please contact:

International Compliance Officer (Sponsored Students)
James Cook University
Townsville QLD 4811

Ph: 61 7 47815507

For general information in relation to the completion of common Canadian forms, please see below:

If you have a Program Information form, Confirmation of Enrolment form or Continuation of interest free status or others to be completed by James Cook University:

In most cases, students will receive a copy of the TL11a automatically at the conclusion of the JCU academic year - usually around December/January each year.  If you have not received your TL11a form by this time, please contact


  • Forms will only be completed for study periods which have been completed.
  • Only ‘university fees’ (tuition and SSAF) will be included, not OSHC.