Students from Denmark have the opportunity to study abroad with fees and living expenses paid. For more information visit Statens Uddannelsestøtte

  • The support is granted for higher education only. The education must provide the student with qualifications that can be used directly in Denmark without additional courses. The study program must furthermore meet the conditions for recognition of Danish study programs.
  • When studying outside the Nordic countries you are entitled to support for the prescribed duration of the study only. If you are delayed because of failing exams, you cannot have the support extended beyond the prescribed duration of the study.

Enquiries should be directed to the State Study Support office.

Students are eligible for certain scholarships or study abroad loans through BAfoG. These loans can cover study fees as well as the costs associated with being an international student.

Enquiries should be directed to the BAfoG enquiries centre.

To finance their studies abroad, Norwegian students may be eligible for a study loan from the authority State Loan Institute - Statens Lånekasse.Tuition support is paid partly as a grant and partly as a loan. The tuition support loan is not converted into a grant after you have passed the exam.

  • Students may receive an additional loan for tuition abroad of up to NOK 100 000 to cover tuition fees exceeding NOK 129 062.
  • Basisstøtte is the sum students receive for living costs, and it’s currently 103 950 NOK per year. 40% of this sum will be converted into a scholarship if students pass their exams.
  • “Skolepengestøtte” is the sum students get for tuition (skolepenger means tuition), and it’s 126 160 NOK per year. 50% of the first 64 519 NOK will be in the form of a scholarship, the rest will be in the form of a loan.
  • So if they need the whole sum (which they will at JCU), the scholarship part will be 32 259.50 NOK, and the loan part will be 93 900.50 NOK. Students who pay less than 126 160 NOK will get a lower loan, since they only get the sum they need. So a student paying 80 000 NOK per year will only get that sum, and thus a lower loan.
  • “Reisestøtte” is support for travels to the university; the sum for Australia is 25 740 NOK (intended to cover two return trips per year). 70 % of this support is in the form of a scholarship.

Enquiries should be directed to the State Loan Institute office.

Students may be eligible to apply for financial aid (studiestöd). Financial aid for studies refers to the various grants and loans for which you may be eligible when you study. Your age is one of the factors that determine the kind of aid that you may receive.

For more information visit Centrala Studiestödsnämnden.

Enquiries should be directed to CSN.