Medha Chaturvedi (India)

I embarked on my journey as an international student at James Cook University (JCU) at 17, driven by dreams and ambitions, aiming to secure a promising future. Moving from Jaipur in Rajasthan, India – renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage – to Townsville in Queensland, Australia marked a voyage of cultural assimilation. Adapting to a new way of life, cultivating friendships across diverse backgrounds, and immersing myself in North Queensland’s lifestyle was challenging yet rewarding. My aspirations and determination helped me overcome the initial hurdles.

Student Medha Chaturvedi on the beach

My father, a lawyer and JCU alumnus, laid the foundations for my journey with his unwavering support. A deep familial connection to the university exists, as my sister also completed a Bachelor of Business degree here. Our shared experiences have bonded us, as we both treasure the valuable skills and knowledge gained during our time at JCU.

I started my studies at JCU in the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, a discipline area that explores the complexities of the human body, diseases, and scientific inquiry. This intellectually stimulating field propels progress in healthcare and holds the power to shape medicine's future and enrich lives. I graduated with a major in microbiology and immunology in December 2021, but I did not feel that my journey was complete, so I am pursuing an Honours in Medical Laboratory Sciences. This field allows me to further develop my theoretical knowledge and practical skills and will help me contribute to patient well-being and the advancement of medical science.

A highlight of my study experience at JCU was a placement I undertook in my homeland of India at the Eternal Heart Care Centre in Rajasthan. The Centre is renowned as one of the top hospitals specializing in heart care. I had the opportunity to undergo training alongside medical laboratory scientists, microbiologists, and other professionals. Their assistance and support were incredibly valuable. Associate Professor Donna Rudd, my Course Coordinator and mentor, played a significant role in guiding me throughout this journey, enabling me and my fellow students to fully appreciate the depth of our learning experiences.

Student Medha Chaturvedi wearing a graduation gown

Balancing the demands of my studies alongside part-time work has been a defining aspect of my journey. This experience has not only instilled in me a strong work ethic but has also allowed me to fully appreciate the value of every achievement and milestone. It’s an accomplishment that fills me with pride and resilience.

From dedicated professors and mentors to comprehensive resources, JCU’s commitment to my growth and success has been instrumental. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities and knowledge it has afforded me. With this strong foundation, I face the future confidently.