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Bala Sastha Suresh (India)

Bala Sastha Suresh completed a Master of Engineering (Professional), specialising in water engineering from JCU in 2021. He is now employed as a Graduate Hydraulic Engineer at Stantec Inc, a global engineering and design firm, in Perth, Western Australia.

“I'm here working as part of a fun and helpful group of people. I want to instil ideas in my company that will last for a lifetime,” he says.

“JCU was one of the few universities in Australia offering Master of Engineering with a specialisation in water engineering.

“I learned that many JCU graduates have pursued their dream job and, therefore, in that context, JCU took the lead as my first choice,” Bala said of his decision to choose JCU for his postgraduate engineering studies.

Bala completed an internship as part of his JCU degree and says it was this experience that helped him develop the skills and confidence needed to enter the workforce.

“Believe me when I say that networking is beneficial.  My internship helped shaped me as a person and helped me to learn the real-world tasks to build my technical abilities. Gaining Industry experience is needed during your time at uni.

Bala (second from right) with some of his peers at their Graduation Ceremony.

Bala (second from right) with some of his peers at their Graduation Ceremony.

“Make the most of any chance that will help you advance in your profession. Try to obtain technical skills that are relevant to your industry's needs, as this may help you to land the job you want. Develop effective networking abilities by attending seminars and conferences in your field. Where possible, meet professionals in your domain, as it is the greatest way to go forward in your career.

“If you're looking for a graduate position, start applying for jobs as early as your third semester. You might encounter some type of failure, but you have to keep moving forward.”

While a JCU student, Bala was involved in many aspects of student life, including attending the Café International every Tuesday. He also worked part-time and participated in community sports.

“The moments that I cherish would be the time I spend in Eddie Koiki Mabo Library working on my assignments, reading my favourite books, and hanging out with my mates around the uni.”

We congratulate Bala on his success and wish him well in his future endeavours.