Pengxiao Han (China)

International student credits inspirational speech for motivation to study at JCU

JCU international student Pengxiao Han from China was inspired to study in Australia after meeting JCU’s Professor Wei Xiang during a visit to the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

“I was so impressed by JCU’s Internet of Things research team. Some projects related to machine learning and computer vision were so attractive to me,” said Pengxiao.

“When I saw I could get a chance to conduct research with the team, I believed I could learn more from the expertise at JCU.”

Pengxiao Han.

(Pengxiao at JCU Ideas Lab)

Pengxiao has been studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in Electronic Systems and Internet of Things, at JCU’s Cairns campus. He says his international study experience has expanded his knowledge and helped improve his English.

The other thing worth mentioning is a research project. In November 2020, I started doing a research project conducted by James Cook University research team. I was in charge of the system design and programming supervised by Dr. Huang. I worked on this project that exercised my research ability and enhanced my problem-solving ability. The project is a practical engineering project, it gave me a great chance to collaborate with master students and area-related experts. And also, I was able to access the hardware, software, technical support from the colleague by this project.

Pengxiao plans to pursue postgraduate studies and return to China to gain employment in the rapidly growing technology sector.