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Kalpani Anuradha Mirihana (Sri Lanka)

My interest in research studies and strenuous efforts opened my path to study for a Master of Philosophy Degree in Natural and Physical Sciences at James Cook University, Australia. My journey at JCU has been an extraordinary blend of academic rigour and practical experiences. I am focusing my studies on the experimental and theoretical investigation of plasma-liquid interactions. The research environment here has provided a rich landscape for growth and exploration. The study period has been challenging and rewarding, consistently pushing me to delve deeper into my chosen field of study. The college members have been incredibly supportive, fostering an environment where learning extends beyond the lab.

Kalpani Anuradha Mirihana

I have had the privilege of presenting my research findings at several conferences. I am thrilled to share that I have been honoured with two Travel Awards and the Main Sponsor Prize during the conferences I attended. These acknowledgments validate the significance of my research and underscore the recognition it has garnered within the academic community. I am grateful for the opportunities to showcase my work and to my primary advisor, Prof Ronald White and the team for their invaluable support.

Efficiently managing part-time employment alongside my studies has proven to be a rewarding endeavour. Acquiring employment has presented a valuable opportunity, substantially enriching my student experience by providing practical insights that align with my academic endeavors. Specifically, I secured positions within the university as a research assistant for my primary advisor and a laboratory demonstrator at the chemistry lab. This dual role facilitated a seamless integration of theoretical knowledge and practical application and afforded me the advantage of financial stability to cover my living costs without compromising my academic commitments.

Living in Townsville has been an adventure. The city's vibrant essence has been a backdrop to my personal journey, offering a blend of cultural experiences and a welcoming community that has made my stay immensely fulfilling.

I'm excited to keep going with my studies for a PhD and to keep helping out in the world of science and engineering by finding the best solutions to today's problems with the help of tech and innovation. I've really liked research and want to keep digging into it.

To fellow international students considering JCU, I wholeheartedly encourage seizing the chance to be part of this dynamic community. Embrace the diversity, engage with the many opportunities available, and allow yourself to grow academically and personally.