Kathri Peeris (Sri Lanka)

I am Kathri Peeris, a dedicated third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at James Cook University in Townsville. My academic journey began at James Cook University Singapore and transitioned smoothly to Townsville, thanks to the amicable and supportive lecturers who consistently strive to aid students in their coursework.

My academic experience has been positively challenging yet fulfilling. I have adeptly managed my course workload and personal responsibilities by adhering to a well-structured timetable. Currently, due to time constraints, I am not participating in extra-curricular activities. However, the enriching university experience at JCU has fostered a spirit of independence and empathy in me, enabling me to offer support and encouragement to peers in need, often through engaging discussions and simple gestures like a smile.

Living in Townsville, I find solace in the picturesque, tranquil beaches lining the coastline. These serene havens, away from the city's hustle, with their rhythmic waves and soft, warm sands, provide a rejuvenating retreat that sharpens my focus both on my studies and my job as a teacher trainee at an early learning center.

As an international student, I am permitted to work up to 24 hours per week. This arrangement harmoniously balances my coursework and professional responsibilities. My belief in effective time management has always been my stronghold, ensuring that I meet deadlines promptly both at the university and work.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly encourage fellow international students to fully utilize JCU's extensive resources, including academic support, counseling services, and career guidance. These tools are invaluable in navigating any challenges that may arise. Additionally, maintaining a strong connection with family and friends back home is crucial. They are a source of emotional support and a reminder of our roots, enhancing our sense of belonging even when we're immersed in a new culture.