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Alternative Formats

In LearnJCU, alternative file formats are available to access your digital learning materials in different formats that work for your device and your unique learning needs.

Next to files in your Subject Content, you will see an icon that gives you access to alternative format options:

This image is an example of where you can access the alternative formats icon next to a file.
This image is an example of where you can access the alternative formats icon next to a file.

Available LearnJCU Alternative Formats

  • HTML
    For viewing in the browser and on mobile devices.

  • Tagged PDF
    Aids screen reader tools by using tagged content structure. Also good for viewing on the browser.

  • ePub
    For reading as an e-book on an iPad and other e-book readers.

  • Electronic braille
    BRF version for consumption on electronic braille displays.

  • Audio
    MP3 version for listening.

  • BeeLine Reader
    Enhanced version for easier and faster on-screen reading.

  • Immersive Reader
    Reads text aloud by a more natural sounding voice, along with aiding reading comprehension and grammar skills. Internet required.

  • Translated Version
    A machine-translated version of the original document.

Try the Immersive Reader

One of the Alternative Formats is Immersive Reader, which we have found particularly useful. Give it a go.

Immersive reader enhances the readability of text by providing letter and line spacing, it reads aloud in a natural-sounding voice and it focuses on the part that is being read. It also features a selection of languages.

Immersive reader demo (YouTube, 17min)

Mathematical equations or chemical diagrams: Please note that if you are accessing alternative file formats for files that contain text-based mathematical equations or chemical diagrams, the alternative formats may be inaccessible or inaccurate.  This is a known issue and we are working with Blackboard to improve this accessibility.  Please ensure you access the original files and follow up with your subject coordinator if you require assistance with accessing the content in these types of files.

How you might use Alternative Formats

Open book icon


Find a higher quality alternative

  • If you're reading on your mobile, try the HTML format for a file that's responsive to your screen size so that you can read faster and with less distractions
  • If you require larger fonts to help read a document, try the ePub format to customise the font and contrast

Brain icon


Enhance your understanding

  • Did you know when you engage different senses- like reading a text and listening to a text- that you activate different parts of the brain, which can enhance your understanding?
  • Try reading the document first and then listening to the Audio MP3 format for review. Or, if you are struggling to understand the text, you might try listening and reading at the same time.

Clock icon


Improve your time management

Happy face icon


Become a better learner

  • Test the various formats and think about what works best for you depending on the learning context and outcome, and include multiple formats into your study process.

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