Mobile Learning Apps

Apps to assist with your learning

Our suite of mobile apps enable you to:

  • Access your LearnJCU subject sites
  • Create and manage digital content
  • Help you study
  • Participate in real-time video conferences

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Short online, course-based video instructions

Current JCU staff and students have full access to LinkedIn Learning and can use it to up-skill on software, information technology, business, communication, design, education and creative skills.


  • Access 10,000+ expert-led courses
  • Get personalised course recommendations
  • Watch anytime on your computer or phone
  • Use project files to practice while you learn



The PebblePocket by PebblePad

Quickly create assets on the go

PebblePocket enables you to edit and save the mobile assets on your device and send them to your Pebble+ asset store.


  • Create simple records of your learning and reflection
  • Create activity templates
  • Add photos or videos
  • Save, edit or remove your mobile assets on the device
  • Send your assets to your Pebble+ asset store
  • Link to your PebblePad account so you can use the app to launch PebblePad on your device’s browser.



Example of PebblePocket

Studiosity App

Get study help, wherever you are

Download the new Studiosity app to ensure support is with you all the time, wherever you are.

It enables you to edit and save the mobile assets on your device and send them to your asset store.


  • Save a question for later
  • Snap a photo
  • Get notified when your files are ready to collect
  • And much more.



Example of the Studiosity app

LearnJCU Mobile

View via Chrome, Safari or the JCU App

You can view LearnJCU content via mobile browser or the JCU App.  LearnJCU has been designed to adjust the layout in accordance to the screen size.

See for yourself! Log into LearnJCU.

An example of LearnJCU on mobile browser