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Multi-Factor Authentication in LearnJCU

When you log in to LearnJCU you will be prompted for a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) push.

Watch the following demonstration:

  1. Click on the LearnJCU icon in the top right-hand corner of the page. This will direct you to the LearnJCU login prompt.
  2. Once you have entered your login credentials you will be prompted with an MFA Push notification. Press Continue to proceed.
  3. When prompted, check your mobile device for a notification from the Forgerock App. Open the app and select Accept to complete the authentication process.
    1. NOTE: If you would like to complete the MFA process using a recovery key, select Use a recovery code instead, enter your code when prompted and then select Log In. Each recovery code can only be used once.
    2. If you have not yet setup an MFA account and downloaded the Forgerock App, please go to Student IT essentials - Multi-Factor Authentication
  4. You should now be able to view and access your LearnJCU Welcome page.
  5. Select the Subjects option, locate and click on your subject and then navigate through the subject content to find and access your assessment to complete.
    1. NOTE: You will not be prompted again to use MFA when accessing your assessment, whether it requires Respondus or not.