Video Assignments

Some subjects might have video assignments setup with LearnJCU's video platform (Panopto).

If you are in one of these subjects, here is a guide to help you through the steps, from accessing Panopto, recording, and submitting your video.

Accessing Panopto

Panopto can be found in LearnJCU subject sites under Books & Tools > Access Subject Video Library.

Screenshot of where to find Panopto in a subject site

Recording with Panopto

How to use Panopto Capture (Browser-based recording)

Things to know 

  • You can make more than one recording so you can make a test recording if you'd like. After you complete a recording you can start again by hitting 'redo'
  • Don't leave the recording until the last minute. Technical issues can occur and it's best to have time on your side.
  • Help can be reached by going to the top right when you are in the Panopto Dashboard
  • Mac users will need to enable screen recording in System Preferences

Submitting your video assignment

How to embed your video into your submission

  1. Click in the Submission box
  2. Click on the Plus in a Circle (last icon in menu bar)
  3. Click on Content Market
  4. Click on Add Video (Panopto)
  5. Click in the circle to the left of your completed video to select it
  6. Click on Insert button (blue button that appears in bottom left)
  7. Change name to reflect assessment title and your surname
  8. Click on Insert
  9. Click on Submit (NOT Save and Close)