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Video Assignment Submissions

Panopto, LearnJCU's video platform, supports video creation and video submissions for students.

Panopto video assignment folders, set up by educators in advance, are dedicated spaces where students (you) can create, edit, and submit videos for their subject assignments.

Watch the video demonstration below to see where you can find your Panopto video assignment folder.

Please note: If you cannot find the video assignment folder for your subject, reach out to your Subject Coordinator (or Lecturer).

Recording your presentation with Panopto

How to use Panopto Capture (Browser-based recording)

Things to know 

  • The Create tool is available to students who have a Panopto video assignment folder activated (by educators) in one of their subjects.
  • You're not limited to just one recording—you can make as many as you want! Feel free to try a test recording, once you've finished hit Redo to start again, or, Record New to make an additional recording.
  • Don't leave the recording until the last minute, technical issues can occur and it's best to have time on your side.
  • Help is available at the top-right of the Panopto Dashboard.
  • Mac users will need to enable screen recording in System Preferences.

Recording your presentation with other tools

If preferred, you can use other tools to record:

However, if you use a different tool you are required to upload the exported file (usually MP4 or Mov) to Panopto.

Editing videos

Panopto provides basic editing functions, if you require something more advanced you can try Clip Champ, a free Microsoft program.

Tips on creating non-presentation videos

Submitting your video assignment

How to embed your video into your submission

  1. Click in the Submission box
  2. Click on the Plus in a Circle (last icon in menu bar)
  3. Click on Content Market
  4. Click on Add Video (Panopto)
  5. Click in the circle to the left of your completed video to select it
  6. Click on Insert button (blue button that appears in bottom left)
  7. Change name to reflect assessment title and your surname
  8. Click on Insert
  9. Click on Submit (NOT Save and Close)

Note: If you have been asked to submit supporting documents, you can do so after adding your video but clicking on the three dots to the right of the submission box and selecting 'Edit'. This will allow you to attach files using the paper clip icon.