Student Secure Online Exam Guide

About - Respondus

The Respondus LockDown Browser is used to secure online exams

It's a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within LearnJCU, which means, students are unable to copy, print, access other applications, or visit other websites during an online exam.

Important note

Respondus is not available on all university computers (this includes library computers) nor can software be downloaded onto them individually. Find out from your lecturer/or college what rooms are suitable for using Respondus.

Using Respondus from a mobile or tablet device is not supported by JCU.

How to enter a secure online exam

  • If you are using your personal computer, before you begin an attempt, be sure to download and install the required software
  • From Firefox or Chrome go to your assessment as you would normally and 'View assessment'. The LockDown Browser will launch in a new window
  • If your instructor requires Respondus Monitor (this activates a webcam to record you during your exam), the startup sequence will begin
  • Add text and answer questions in the assessment just as you would in a standard browser
  • You can save drafts of your work and return at later points to continue work or submit
  • You can't add files, links, or videos to the editor when you submit a secure assessment.

View an attempt

You'll also need Respondus LockDown Browser to view submitted attempts for secure assessments. After your instructor posts your grade, you can find it in multiple places without needing additional software.

To view the correct answers for your submission, you'll need Respondus LockDown Browser. Open your attempt and select Review results in Respondus LockDown Browser to launch the tool.

Further help

→ Blackboard Help | Ultra: Secure Assessments


Q. Why can't I see my completed test paper when I click my test score in My Grades (LearnJCU) for a Respondus-enabled test?
A. You will need to log onto LearnJCU with Respondus Lockdown Browser then go to My Grades and click your test score to view your test paper.