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Student Secure Online Exam Guide

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser, locks down the testing environment within LearnJCU, which means, those taking an online exam are unable to copy, print, access other applications, or visit other websites.

The following video demonstrates how to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser and use it for any online exams that require it.

Respondus for students - install and run for LearnJCU tests

Respondus Lockdown Browser must be reinstalled for current version

If you have Respondus Lockdown Browser previously installed, reinstall to ensure you have the current version.  Obsolete versions may prevent the software from functioning properly.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor, activates a webcam to record you during your exam.

The following video demonstrates how to conduct an environment check for any online exams that require Respondus Monitor.

Respondus Monitor Environment Check

If you are required to use the Respondus Monitor tool for an upcoming online exam, it is recommended that you complete a run through of the entire startup procedure, including the environment video at the beginning. Use the Respondus monitor preview page to check your computer, webcam and microphone functionality and compatibility.

Ensure that the entire room is displayed in the video, including:

  • the space behind the computer monitor,
  • the desk area and your lap (if seated).

It must be clear in the video that there are no unauthorised notes or devices in the vicinity. Lifting the webcam or laptop (if the webcam is inbuilt) and slowly turning it in a complete circle is the best way to record the entire area. If you cannot lift your webcam to display the entire area then you should make alternative arrangements for completing your exam.

Once you have completed your environment check you should return your webcam to a position where it faces you directly.

If the environment scan video is not completely satisfactory, or you do not comply with exam instructions, you may be required to complete an oral defence of your exam in accordance with the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Procedure (section 3.2e) or you may be prosecuted in accordance with the Examinations Procedure.

Important to note

Using Respondus on a Chromebook or mobile device (iOS, Android) is not supported by JCU

Respondus is not available on all university computers (this includes library computers), nor can software be downloaded onto them individually. Find out from your lecturer/or college what rooms are suitable for using Respondus.

  • If you are using your personal computer, before you begin an attempt be sure to download and (re)install the latest Respondus software.
  • From Firefox or Chrome, go to your assessment as you would normally and 'View assessment'. The Respondus LockDown Browser will launch in a new window.
  • If your online exam requires the Respondus Monitor, the startup sequence will begin.
  • Add text and answer questions as you would in a standard browser. Adding files, links, or videos, will be disabled.

You will also need Respondus LockDown Browser to view submitted attempts for secure assessments. After your lecturer posts your grade, you can find it in multiple places without needing additional software.

To view the correct answers for your submission, you'll need Respondus LockDown Browser. Open your attempt and select Review results in Respondus LockDown Browser to launch the tool.

Q. Why can't I see my completed test paper when I click my test score in My Grades (LearnJCU) for a Respondus-enabled test?
A. You will need to log onto LearnJCU with Respondus Lockdown Browser then go to My Grades and click your test score to view your test paper.

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