Using Discussion Boards

Accessing discussions in your subject

There are two ways to see discussion boards in your subject, usually your lecturer will post them in your subject content, like so (the purple speech bubble indicates that there is an unread post response or reply):

Discussion boards in your subject content

Or, you can also view all discussion boards in a subject from the top-right menu of your subject site:

Discussion board button in top menu

Opening a discussion

Each time you open a discussion, new post responses and replies appear with "New" to show any activity that's happened since your last visit.

To post, start by typing in the 'Response' area. To reply, click on Reply under a peers' post.

Disussion welcome page

Some discussions might be set to receive a post before you can see other responses and replies, here is an example of what you will see in this case:

Example of post first

Posting your response or reply

Once you click on the Response area or Reply link you will open up the text editor where you can type in your message.

Once you have finished typing your message you have the following options:

  • Click the "Save Draft" link to continue editing later (only you will see the saved draft).
  • Click the black "Respond" (or "Reply") button to post your message.
  • Click the "Cancel" button to close the response/reply without saving or posting.

Note:  To ensure your message is seen by others, it is essential to click on the "Respond" or "Reply" button to share your post to the discussion board.

Screenshot of the text area when adding a Response

Screenshot of the text area when adding a Reply

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