LearnJCU Known Issues

Student LearnJCU Known Issues

A list of issues detected within LearnJCU with workarounds.

LearnJCU: Grade pill is black and grades cannot be seen in Safari on Mac and all browsers on iOS

Affected: Students with Safari on Mac and all browsers on iOS devices
Description: Students are sometimes unable to see their grades in Safari or in any browser on iOS devices
Workaround: Use another browser such as Chrome on MacOS. Use a non-iOS device to check assessment grades.   

LearnJCU: Subjects not listed correctly on subject page

Affected: Students
Description: Students enrolled in two or more subjects which are merged see only one of the subjects displayed on the subjects page.
Workaround: This is a display error and does not reflect a change in enrolments or change the availability of subject site content. Students can confirm their subject enrolment via eStudent.

Mediasite: Authentication error when downloading VODcasts

Affected: Students
Description: Students receive an authentication error when attempting to download Mediasite VODcasts.
Workaround: To overcome this students must provision a Mediasite profile by clicking on Tools (Books and Tools in Ultra) and then clicking on My Mediasite. They will be presented with a message from Blackboard asking them if they wish to allow Blackboard and Mediasite to make changes on their behalf and must click Allow. Students will then be able to download VODcasts.

Mediasite: Unauthorized Errors in browsers when clicking links in LearnJCU

Affected: All users
Description: Staff and students who attempt to access the My Mediasite dashboard or the Mediasite Content Selection Tool in LearnJCU receive this message: {"code":"Unauthorized","message":"Site login required"}. 
Workaround: Use the latest Chrome or Firefox and avoid Safari.

Mediasite: Playback error

Affected: Students
Description: Mediasite reports that 'You are not authorized to view the requested content'. This is caused when a direct link to a presentation is provided rather than inserted using the Mediasite Content Selection Tool.
Workaround: Teaching staff need to recreate the link by following the short step-by-step guide on how to publish Mediasite Presentations to LearnJCU.

Respondus: LockDown Browser in Ultra

Affected: Students in Ultra subjects
Description: Opening the Lockdown Browser before starting the test in Ultra subject sites results in an error.
Workaround: The correct sequence for using the LockDown Browser in Ultra subject sites is to open the subject in Chrome or Firefox and then access the test normally which will prompt the LockDown Browser to open.

Technical issue not listed?

Request support via the IT Helpdesk

This page was updated on: 25 Jun 2020


Some files uploaded by teaching staff were not accessible by all users after a short period of time has passed. Files affected by this issue will be given a URL which starts with 'https://learn.jcu.edu.au/sessions...' and users will receive a 404 error when trying to access them.

When you click on the links within the daily email notifications sent via LearnJCU, they take you to the LearnJCU Gateway and not the related content in your subject site.