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LearnJCU Known Issues

Student LearnJCU Known Issues

A list of issues detected within LearnJCU with workarounds.

Affected: Students
Description:The date displayed on the submission receipt is the time the submission was started, not submitted.
Workaround: The date submitted is still correct within the attempt.
Affected: Students using the Equation Editor in Ultra tests

Recently the font used for the Equation Editor was updated. In certain situations, the font used will be the new font but will maintain the spacing of the old font leading to overlapping characters.

Workaround:Manual edit the impacted equation and save it again. Screenshot the image of the equation and add it as an attachment to the test.
Affected: Students

When students view a video within a LearnJCU document they receive a 500 error message and they are unable to watch the video:500 error panopto

  1. Go to the 'Details and Actions' menu on the left hand side of the subject site
  2. Click 'Books and Tools'
  3. Click 'Subject Video Library (Panopto)' and let the page load
  4. Return to the page with the video and it should now play. A refresh of the page may be required.

Technical issue not listed?

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