LearnJCU Known Issues

Student LearnJCU Known Issues

A list of issues detected within LearnJCU with workarounds.


Students submitting Assignments/Assessment items


After uploading the assessment to the content box, the submit button is greyed and not clickable.


Click outside of the content box to activate submit button.

Please note:  Auto-save and/or clicking the save and then the close button will save a draft however, the submit button must be clicked to submit your assessment and generate a submission receipt. Closing the assessment panel will result in saving a draft.

Affected: Students submitting documents to Assignments

When submitting a document to LearnJCU the way it displays may not reflect the actual formatting within the document. Certain elements, such as fonts, styling, footnotes, page numbers and tables may not render correctly or at all.

Lecturers can view the original document if need be by downloading it.

Workaround:Submitting a PDF will ensure the formatting is maintained.
Affected: Students submitting group assignments

When submitting a group assignment students will sometimes receive an error that their 'name is not on the list' and they will not be able to proceed.

Students should contact the LearnJCU support team and advise their teaching staff so the issue can be resolved.

Affected: Students

When students view a video within a LearnJCU document they receive a 500 error message and they are unable to watch the video:500 error panopto

  1. Go to the 'Details and Actions' menu on the left hand side of the subject site
  2. Click 'Books and Tools'
  3. Click 'Subject Video Library (Panopto)' and let the page load
  4. Return to the page with the video and it should now play. A refresh of the page may be required.
Affected: Staff and Students
Description:When using Firefox on JCU controlled computers the Panopto Subject Video Folder, accessed via Books and Tools in LearnJCU, will not display any video content or navigation options.
Workaround:Use Chrome.

Technical issue not listed?

This page was updated on: 14 Sep 2022