What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism occurs when writers claim ownership of written words or ideas that are not their own.

It is a form of cheating and any instances of plagiarism will be dealt with promptly according to University procedures.

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Referencing is a systematic way of acknowledging the sources that you have used.

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Assessment cover sheets

When submitting a printed copy of your assignment, be sure to attach a cover sheet.

Cover sheets for you to use:

Experiencing difficulties that affect your exam

If you experience difficulties or serious circumstances before or up to the day of your exam, which you believe may affect your ability to sit the exam successfully or perform at your best, you can apply for special consideration in the marking of your exam.

For further information, visit policy Special Consideration, Supplementary, Deferred and Special Examinations Requirements

Unable to attend an exam due to extenuating circumstances

Apply for a deferred exam

If you are unable to attend an exam at the scheduled time due to extenuating circumstances/circumstances beyond your control, you may apply for a deferred exam. Deferred exams are granted in exceptional circumstances such as severe medical conditions  or family or personal trauma.

For further information, visit Exams and Results.