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a million views!

Mediasite hits 1 million

A long way in a short time

Operating at JCU since the beginning of 2017 and already we can see it's popularity.

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Students' Ultra experience

Subjects in the Ultra Experience

A new way to experience subjects

This semester some of you will be viewing your subjects in Ultra.

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Optimised Subjects list

Optimised subject lists

Updates to the Subjects list in LearnJCU

If you're enrolled in a lot of subjects, then this new feature is going to save you time.

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The mobile BB App

The Blackboard app

A new experience for mobile learning

The Blackboard app is designed especially for students to view content and participate in subjects.

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Common questions

Since the LearnJCU upgrade

Find out some of the most frequently asked questions reaching the Learning Environments team.

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Going offline with the Blackboard App

Giving learners access to critical content anytime, anywhere

Breaking down the barriers

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Study help, anywhere - Studiosity


After hours online study help

At JCU we offer after hours online study support through Studiosity.

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LearnJCU has changed

LearnJCU has changed

Find out what's different

Our learn environment has undergone a major upgrade.

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LearnJCU has moved to SaaS

A behind the scenes change with big potential

Find out more about the move to SaaS and its benefits.

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Stone Aged LearnJCU

Looking back at LearnJCU

16 years of LMS history

The ever-changing face of Learn.

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