Film Loans – 16mm, DVD, Blu-ray & VHS

Who is eligible?

Film and video loans are available to University staff members only. Requestors must agree to the conditions of the loan imposed by the lenders of the film or video.

What may be obtained?

The service arranges the borrowing of 16mm films and videos from sources external to the University. For DVDs and other video formats held by the library, the access conditions are similar to other items in the same collections (i.e., Main, the North Queensland Collection, etc).

Making a Request

As early in the year as possible, select the desired title and the date it is required. If the first choice is unavailable when required there will be time to substitute the title or change the date. Choosing a few dates increases the chances of obtaining the title.


Film and Video Loan/Hire request forms are available from Document Supply Service in Townsville and Cairns.


Most films and videos are borrowed from the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra. These items have freight recovery and handling charges. Films and videos obtained from other sources may incur additional hire charges.


Full details of the university account number should be recorded on the request form.

Collection and Return

Requestors are notified of the arrival of films and videos by email. The item can be collected from Client Services. It is important that films and videos are returned by the due date. The item must be returned to the Client Services staff at the desk only and not through the book return slots.

Screening reports are enclosed with films. These should be completed and returned with the film. If any damage occurs to a film, please note on the screening report.


Information about equipment to screen films and videos can be found through Audio Visual Services.

Further Information

Information about particular titles can be found by accessing the National Film and Sound Archive web site or contact Document Supply.


Telephone: +61 7 4781 4162