Xray Analyses

General sample requirements

Xray analyses are made on dried and crushed sample material (typically <50micron crush size. *Hint: final powder should feel smooth like talcum powder when rubbed between fingers (no gritty feel).

Xray Fluorescence

  • Major element analysis:

    • Requires a fused bead be made

    • Ideal homogenized sample weight = 5g

    • Minimum sample weight = 2g

  • Trace element, fluorine/chlorine and semi-quantitative analyses

    • Requires a pressed powder pellet be made

    • Ideal homogenized sample weight = 6.5g

    • Minimum sample weight = 2g

Xray Diffraction

  • Ideal sample prepared as a pressed powder mount

    • Requires at least 1g of dried sample powder

  • Small sample volumes prepared as a “smear”

    • Typically requires ca. 0.25g