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The College of Arts, Education and Social Sciences is ever-evolving. View our full suite of videos in the ShowCASE video archive, or read our news stories.

2023 Education Graduates

Meet new Education graduates Duha Zamara, Lilly-Lee Jordan and Paige Wishart, whose passion for teaching has led to employment in jobs they love.

Dean awardee for HDR Excellence

Congratulations to Carly Lubicz-Zaroski, one of CASE’s recipient’s of the Dean’s Award for Research in Higher Degree Excellence 2023. Carly’s Master of Philosophy (Society and Culture) research focused on how communicative power is asserted and contested in the ‘social news media network’ during an environmental protection debate, with a case study of the Great Barrier Reef’s UN endangered status recommendation.

2023 Social Work Graduates

Meet Social Work alumni Linda McNaughton and Angela Rowden, whose university placements led to employment in jobs they love.

Coral Discovery Workshop

A new digital mapping tool is bringing together the Humanities and Sciences to track voyages ‘Beyond Cook’ ( The Coral Discovery project is making use of historical sources and expertise to cast light on the origins of the coral type specimens within the world’s museums.

Discover JCU's Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor of Business

Having grown up in a small country town (Broken Hill) and left high school as a young mum, Matija Squire never imagined university in her future. But after attending a JCU Open Day Matija discovered an alternate pathway into university and has now completed a dual degree in Arts–Business and is loving her career as a Startup Mentor in Sydney.