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Social Work Staff

Associate Professor Abraham Francis

Head of Social Work & Human Services (Townsville)

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Photo of Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan

Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan

Course Coordinator - Bachelor of Social Work (Cairns)

Dr Ines Zuchowski

Field Education Coordinator (Townsville)

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Dr Jo Mensinga

First Year Experience Coordinator (Cairns)

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Dr Ann Carrington

Honours and Postgraduate Coordinator (Cairns)

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Sandra Croaker

Associate Lecturer, Field Education (Townsville)

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A/Professor Nonie Harris

Associate Professor (Townsville)

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Professor Debra Miles

Professor, Promotional Chair (Townsville)

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Photo of Dr Michael Dee

Dr Michael Dee

Associate Lecturer, Cairns

Photo of Albert Kuruvila

Albert Kuruvila

Lecturer, Townsville

Photo of Mengting Lin

Mengting Lin

Associate Lecturer, Cairns

Dr Vinnitta Mosby

Lecturer (Cairns)

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Photo of Dr Hyacinth Udah

Dr Hyacinth Udah

Senior Lecturer, Townsville

Photo of Dr Frank Ainsworth

Dr Frank Ainsworth

Adjunct Senior Principal Research Fellow

Photo of Dr Joanne Baker

Dr Joanne Baker

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

A/Professor Susan Gair

Adjunct Associate Professor

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Dr Peter Jones

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

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