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Social Work Staff

Photo of Professor Lucy Jordan

Professor Lucy Jordan

Head, Social Work 

Lucy is an experienced social worker and social welfare scholar with research expertise in cross-cultural migration studies, global development challenges, and data-driven approaches to capacity building in the nonprofit sector. Her current research focuses on the long-term impact of temporary migration on families and migrants across Asia and Oceania.

Dr Ann Carrington

Honours and Postgraduate Coordinator (Cairns)

Ann is passionate about creating social change and hopes her research will make a difference to those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Ann co-designed the scaffolded Domestic Violence – Recognise, Respond, Refer curriculum for dental students and she actively promotes the inclusion of spirituality in social work.

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Sandra Croaker

Lecturer, Social Work/Field Education

Sandra works with students in preparation for placement, bridging the space between academic education and practice learning. She brings to teaching her experience as a social worker in government and non-government agencies in Australia and overseas. Her current PhD research focuses on students’ readiness for eco-social work practice.

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Dr Michael Dee

Associate Lecturer, Field Education

Mike is an Associate Lecturer in Field Education. His research interests include human geography, gender studies, community services, urban citizenship, and social work. Mike has published several journal articles across different respected publications.

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Associate Professor Abraham Francis

A/Prof, Social Work and Human Services

Abraham is a highly regarded leader in the field of Social Work. He is passionate about researching and working in strengths-based practice in mental health and has published extensively in social work literature. Abraham’s research interests include criminal justice, community development, COVID-19, gerontological social work and international collaboration.

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Photo of Dr Jemma Hamley

Dr Jemma Hamley

Lecturer, Social Work

Jemma is a social worker with front-line experience in Juvenile Justice, Child Protection, and Intensive Family Support. Her teaching experience centres around interpersonal skills, professional development for social work practice, and developmental approaches to eco-social justice. Jemma’s research interests include social stigma, marginalised mothering identities, child protection, and mental health.

Dr Albert Kuruvila

Course Coordinator, Bachelor of Social Work

Albert is a Lecturer in Social Work and Human Services. Albert’s teaching and research interests include diversity and intercultural practice, community development, social work decision making and evidence informed practice, and non-profit organisations.

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Dr Vinnitta Mosby


Vinnitta is a Torres Strait Islander woman with connection to the Murray Islands. Her research has focused on understanding the experiences of Torres Strait Islanders in relation to out-migration and resettlement, and spirituality outside of place. Vinnitta’s research interests include social-emotional health and wellbeing, climate change and spirituality.

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Photo of Alice Scott

Alice Scott

Lecturer and Field Education Coordinator, Social Work

Alice’s early career involved direct practice delivery, working with vulnerable children and families in the child protection sector. This work broadened her understanding of applied social work and laid the foundations for her interest in critical social work and the impacts of burnout and compassion fatigue on frontline social workers.

Dr Hyacinth Udah

Senior Lecturer, Social Work

Hyacinth is a social worker and academic. His research and teaching expertise centres around social justice, politics of disadvantage, coloniality, decoloniality, migration, critical race and whiteness theories and mental health. Hyacinth has published more broadly on Othering, belonging, immigrant and international students’ experiences, wellbeing, social work and social work education.

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Associate Professor Ines Zuchowski

A/Prof, Social Work and Human Services

Ines’ extensive social work experience in a broad range of interventions and practice fields informs her teaching and research. Her research interests are youth and families, gender, social work education, professional supervision and field education. Ines has published widely and her current award-winning research explores social work in GP settings.

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