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Associate Professor Leanne Dalley

Head of Education

Leanne is a highly regarded leader in the field of Education. Her research portfolio is concentrated on Secondary English Curriculum Studies, Gender and Education, Contemporary Youth and Cultural Issues, and Indigenous Education. Leanne is actively involved with curriculum development and teaching and learning initiatives pertinent to student practicum experiences.

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Associate Professor Helen Boon

A/Professor, Education

Helen teaches educational psychology, research methods and ethics to undergraduate and post-graduate students. These critical subjects help the development of professional expertise in teaching and research respectively. Helen has collaborated with international, multi-disciplinary teams to conduct research around individual and community resilience, teacher ethics, science education and climate change.

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Dr Florence Boulard

Senior Lecturer, Humanities and Education

Florence is passionate about languages, cultures and teaching. She lectures in Humanities and Education. She is the Director of the Academy of Modern Languages program. Florence’s research interests are focused on an aspiration to develop a Pacific literate nation and build stronger internationally minded communities.

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Dr Leanne Cameron

Education (Technologies)

Leanne is widely known for her research work on the use of Digital Technologies, Design, Systems and Computational Thinking, integrated STEM programs and the use of generative Artificial Intelligence in education. She’s passionate about developing the skills and expertise of all teachers and their use of technology in the classroom.

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Professor Margaret Carter

Lecturer, Master of Guidance and Counselling

Margaret is a highly skilled educator, editor, and author, with a passion for mental health. She has worked extensively with higher degree research candidates, with a focus on leading socially sustainable change. Margaret’s research areas include preventing cyber bullying, mental health and wellness, character education, and third culture kids.

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Dr Philemon Chigeza

Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education

Philemon is passionate about mathematics and environmental sustainability. His research has explored the notion of agency and students’ negotiation of language and culture in mathematics and science classrooms, as well as emerging technology-based curriculum innovation designed to enhance engagement and learning, specifically in blended and virtual spaces.

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Dr Tanya Doyle

Senior Lecturer

Tanya is a lecturer in the field of Teacher Education. She has expertise in Teachers’ Professional Practice and Science Education. Her research interests focus on the nexus between policy and practice in initial teacher education.

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Associate Professor Louisa Tomas Engel

Associate Dean, Research Education

Louisa’s teaching and research are focused on Sustainability Education and secondary Science curriculum. Her research explores curricula and pedagogical approaches, including blended-learning approaches that engage diverse learners in school and pre-service teacher contexts, and support the development of cognitive and affective learning outcomes.

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Dr Neus (Snowy) Evans

Senior Lecturer, Associate Dean Teaching and Learning

Snowy is passionate about education and sustainability. Her teaching and research interests and activities overlap at the intersection of professional practice in pre-service teacher education and sustainability. This includes pedagogy, curriculum and sustainability education theory and practice.

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Photo of Heather Fraser

Heather Fraser

Lecturer, English Education and Literacy Education

Heather has been an English teacher in Northern Queensland and a Head of Department (English) in a variety of schools within the region for forty-plus years. Heather is the recipient of an Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) award and received two national Teaching Awards for Educational Leadership and Teaching.

Photo of Amanda Hoffensetz

Amanda Hoffensetz

Lecturer, Early Childhood Education

Amanda is an Edith Cowan University graduate, with a Masters in Early Childhood Leadership. Amanda is passionate about early childhood education, and is particularly interested in research on nature pedagogy, early childhood teachers’ assessment practices and preparing environments for play. This year, Amanda will teach Literacy, and Professional Experience.

Dr Grace Jefferson

Lecturer, Mathematics Education

Grace’s interests are in understanding barriers to improving the uptake of, and engagement with, mathematics for both secondary and tertiary students, as well educators, with a focus on the importance of recognising gender and otherness in the development of engagement strategies.

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Dr Tamra Jones

Lecturer, Health and Physical Education

Dr Tamra Jones is an experienced lecturer in the field of Health and Physical Education, inclusive practice and educational psychology. Her expertise is in the area of fundamental movement skills with interests to promote teacher use of socially just, inclusive and culturally responsive pedagogies to teach HPE in educative contexts.

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Dr Kelsey Lowrie

Senior Lecturer, Bachelor of Education Secondary Coordinator

Kelsey is a Senior Lecturer in Education whose expertise includes education policy, curriculum studies and interdisciplinary projects in teacher education, education system integration, citizenship and values education, history teaching, and service learning. Recent and current projects include service learning curriculum and pedagogy design and holistic education to support student wellbeing.

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Dr Kerrie Mackay-Smith

Senior Lecturer, Literacy and English

Kerrie is a Senior Lecturer in Literacy and English. She is an Educational Sociologist, whose key research interest is in how literate capacities for young people contribute to curriculum equity and enable productive lives beyond schooling. Kerrie’s strongly committed to working towards educational justice for marginalised groups of young people.

Photo of Bobbie McMinn

Bobbie McMinn

Lecturer, Health & Physical Education

Bobbie’s interests are in providing quality Health and Physical Education in schools to enhance students' learning experiences and perspective on lifelong physical activity. Bobbie, a JCU/ Department of Education Partner, is also passionate about trauma-aware education and Indigenous education.

Associate Professor Peta Salter

Senior Lecturer, Education

Peta is an experienced lecturer in the field of curriculum and pedagogy, professional practice and service learning. Her expertise is in the area of developing pedagogical content knowledge and evaluative expertise to support the transition of classroom and community-ready graduates into the profession.

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Dr Bryan Smith

Lecturer, Education

Bryan's work looks at anti-racist and decolonising readings of humanities and social sciences education. His current line of work examines the making of settler place and how everyday features of the urban landscape writes settler possession into the material and symbolic spaces of communities.

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Dr Wili Suluma

Lecturer, Indigenous Education

Wili has extensive teaching experience in Australia and the Pacific. This includes teaching in some of the most remote and isolated Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory of Australia. His research interests include Indigenous education, society and education, inclusive education, and equity in education.

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Dr Subhashni Taylor

Senior Lecturer, Science and Sustainability Education

Subhashni is a Senior Lecturer in Science and Sustainability Education and is actively involved in pre-service teacher education. Her research interests include investigating educational benefits of school gardens on student learning outcomes and investigating student knowledge and attitudes towards complex socio-scientific issues, such as vaccination and antibiotic resistance.

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Trisha Telford

Lecturer, Professional Experience Academic Coordinator

Trisha lectures on curriculum pedagogy and professional practice. Her expertise is in developing pedagogical content knowledge and evaluative expertise to support the transition of classroom and community-ready graduates into the profession. Trisha has extensive teaching and leadership experience in State and Catholic schools from Kindergarten to Year 12.

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Dr Marcia Thorne

Lecturer, Bachelor of Education Early Childhood Education and Primary Coordinator (Townsville)

Marcia is passionate about teaching and sustainability. She taught in various contexts, then owned and ran a small IT business for 20 years before creating a specialist, personal development training organisation. Marcia returned to teaching and research in 2008. Her focus includes teacher wellbeing, environmental stewardship and care pedagogy.

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Dr Jocene Vallack

Lecturer, Arts Education

Jocene has worked as a Research Fellow in academic engagement, an Academic Advisor, and lectured in Research Methodology, Arts Education and Acting. Her recent book, Changing Arts into Research: Soliloquy Methodology (Routledge: London), presents her original research methodology that is informed by the philosophy of Edmund Husserl.

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