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Professional Experience for Preservice and Graduate Student Teachers

Bachelor of Education students have at least one Professional Experience placement in each year of the program while Master of Teaching and Learning and Graduate Diploma of Education students have at least three placement opportunities to prepare them for the teaching profession.

Professional Experience placements are organised for students based on their nominated locations. Because JCU works closely with North Queensland and Far North Queensland school communities, students are usually placed in their preferred locations.

The program is aligned with the course structure to be progressively more complex in the professional learning activities as well as interaction with the school community.

Note: Students must hold a Blue Card before starting their first placement. Applications should be made at least 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the practicum.

Guides detailing all requirements for Professional Experience.

Our Frequently Asked Questions will help with most of the things you would like to know about Professional Experience placements. If you should have any unanswered questions please email your enquiry to the WIL Placement Team (

The Learning Place is the Department of Education and Training's comprehensive eLearning environment providing secure access to an innovative range of digital tools, resources and eSpaces for teaching and learning, collaboration and networking.

The Learning Place supports contemporary teaching practice enabling today's learners to steer their own learning and arrive at their own ICT-enriched learning destinations.

James Cook University has an Affiliate’s Agreement in place with the Department of Education Training and Employment, to enable preservice teachers to access The Learning Place.

Access to Learning Place

Access is by means of payment for an annual subscription (expires February of each year) and registration is via the College of Arts. Society and Education.

  1. Download the Cashier Payment Advice  (PDF, 58 KB) form and pay the fee.
  2. Download the Student Membership Request (PDF, 40 KB) form and fill in.
  3. Provide proof of payment (Student Centre payment form/receipt) AND your membership request form to College contact person.
  4. JCU College staff advise TLP of your request.
  5. TLP will contact you via your JCU email address with a Terms of Agreement to be acknowledged.
  6. On return of the Agreement, TLP will issue your user name and log-in details.

For further information email