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The College of Arts, Society, and Education fosters world-leading research that delivers foundational knowledge and real-world impact across a range of disciplinary fields. Based on our unique locations in Queensland and in Singapore, CASE researchers are focused on the societies and peoples of the tropics, working with partners to deliver globally informed and locally targeted insights to our communities.

We work closely with researchers across science, medicine, law, business, engineering, and other fields, interrogating challenges from interdisciplinary perspectives and discovering novel approaches that promote the creation and sharing of knowledge.

Our research guides and informs our educational practice across the range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that are offered by the College, aiming to inspire our students and to create resilient and engaged citizens.

Our Themes

CASE research is clustered into three broad research themes. Although many of our researchers work across and beyond these topics, these themes highlight particular areas of strength and focus for the College.

Understanding and analysing the ongoing causes and consequences of racial, ethnic, gender, and other forms of inequality is critical to the values and mission of CASE’s scholars. Our regional location, proximate to rural areas and to indigenous communities, provides a base that allows us to make positive interventions into social justice through education, social work, and other disciplines.

Climate and environmental changes remain fundamentally human and social problems. Researchers across CASE deploy a wide variety of disciplinary expertise to understand the past and future relationship between humans and their environments. This includes research that seeks to understand our responses to climate change, the relationships between culture and environment, environmental justice, resilience, and environmental communication and education.

Although rich in both bio- and cultural diversity, the tropics remain a relatively understudied region. CASE’s focus on the tropics, including its environments and societies, allows our researchers to remain focused on the problems and challenges that affect our communities. Ultimately, we hope to deploy research that transforms the future of the tropics through education and policy.

Current research projects

Reimagining identity and belonging in Australia: A multidimensional model of justice for social change

Dr Hyacinth Udah, Professor Parlo Singh, Professor Lucy Jordan

A deep ethnography into the social organisational work of some exceptional non-white Australian social change leaders to develop a multidimensional model of social justice for policies and programs that improve social, economic, and wellbeing outcomes in communities across Australia.

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Topomapper: Mapping the narrative of colonization in the urban geography of Townsville

Dr Bryan Smith

This project looks at how street naming in Townsville documents a history of colonial public memory, writing into every corner of the urban geography.

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JCU NQ Social Worker Placement in General Practice Expansion

Dr Ines Zuchowski, Principle Investigator

To research the benefits and challenges of social work practice in General Practice [GP] clinics to develop evidence-based pathways and integrated care options. It builds on a pilot study showing the benefits of social work student placements in GP clinics.

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Recent Publications

The College of Arts, Society and Education has a broad and varied research portfolio spanning the areas of Humanities, Anthropology, Archaeology, Creative Arts and Media, Social Work and Education. There is a strong research focus on the Tropics and the College is home to world-leading researchers.

Recent Humanities and Creative Arts publications

Rafi, Abu Saleh Mohammad, and Morgan, Anne-Marie (2024) A pedagogical perspective on the connection between translingual practices and transcultural dispositions in an Anthropology classroom in Bangladesh. International Journal of Multilingualism, 21 (1). pp. 236-257.
Veles, Natalia, and Danaher, P.A. (2024) Transformative research collaboration as third space and creative understanding: learnings from higher education research and doctoral supervision. Research Papers in Education, 39 (1). pp. 50-66.


Recent Social Sciences publications


Recent Social Work publications

Gair, Susan, Zuchowski, Ines, Jebichi, Daisy, O'Reilly, Sara, Rauwerda, Raechelle, and Savoru, Nikkola (2024) At-risk youth peer researchers highlight safety and “the bonds you make with staff and peers”. Australian Social Work, 77 (2). pp. 311-323.
Baffour, Frank Darkwa, Francis, Abraham, Chong, Mark David, and Harris, Nonie (2024) Prison Overcrowding and Harsh Conditions: Health and Human Rights Concerns to persons in custody, Staff and the Community. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 51 (3). pp. 375-400.
Jefferson, Grace, Henry, Rosita, Heyeres, Marion, Morgan, Rhian, Tomas Engel, Louisa, Tsey, Komla, and Zuchowski, Ines (2024) Impact through research in education and studies in human society: a review of Australian Research Council 'high-for-impact' case studies. PLoS ONE, 19 (5). e0302877.
Zuchowski, Ines (2024) Social Work Education: Developing Professional Identity and Readiness for Practice. Australian Social Work, 77 (3). pp. 333-336.


Recent Education publications

Smith, Bryan (2024) Walking the stories of colonial ghosts: A method of/against the geographically mundane. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 21 (1). pp. 84-108.
Rizk, Nadya, Taylor, Subhashni, and Taylor, Neil (2024) Remote classroom modelling: a professional development model for in‑service generalist primary teachers of science. Australian Educational Researcher, 51. pp. 195-211.