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The College of Arts, Society and Education has a broad and varied research portfolio spanning the areas of Humanities, Anthropology, Archaeology, Creative Arts and Media, Social Work and Education. There is a strong research focus on the Tropics and the College is home to world-leading researchers.

In the tropics, more than anywhere else, environments and societies will see dramatic change in population growth, loss of biodiversity, and an apparent need for food production and security. The College of Arts, Society and Education is uniquely positioned to deliver excellence in research in these areas, and to address the grand challenges currently faced by tropical societies.

Humanities and Creative Arts

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Social Sciences

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Social Work

Carter, Margaret Anne, Pagliano, Paul, Francis, Abraham, and Thorne, Marcia (2017) Australian university students and mental health: viewpoints from the literature. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 3 (3). pp. 1-25.
Zuchowski, Ines (2017) Field education research: opportunities for collaboration and advancing social work education. New Voices in Social Work Research, 18 October 2017. pp. 1-3.



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