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The College of Arts, Society and Education has a broad and varied research portfolio spanning the areas of Humanities, Anthropology, Archaeology, Creative Arts and Media, Social Work and Education. There is a strong research focus on the Tropics and the College is home to world-leading researchers.

In the tropics, more than anywhere else, environments and societies will see dramatic change in population growth, loss of biodiversity, and an apparent need for food production and security. The College of Arts, Society and Education is uniquely positioned to deliver excellence in research in these areas, and to address the grand challenges currently faced by tropical societies.

Humanities and Creative Arts

Potter, Martin (2017) Story systems: the potential of transmedia storytelling as material embodiment of a collective enactment of place and identity. In: Bocanegra Barbecho, Lidia, and García López, Ana, (eds.) Con La Red / En La Red: creación, investigación y comunicación cultural y artística en la era internet / [English] On the Network / Within the Network: production, research, cultural and artistic communication in the internet. Downhill Publishing, Granada, pp. 155-173.


Social Sciences

McGregor, Russell (2018) Book review of "The Good Country: the Djadja Wurrung, the settlers and the protectors" by B. Attwood. Melbourne, Australia, Monash University Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-925523-06-5. Australian Journal of Politics and History, 64 (1). pp. 142-143. Published - 01 Jan 1970.


Social Work