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Bachelor of Arts Honours Application Form

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree is available for high-achieving students. It consists of extra study and the development of a personal research project and thesis. An Honours degree is usually essential for entry to research higher degrees. Students who have completed their degree with James Cook University or at other universities can apply.

Eligibility for the Honours program is based on three criteria:

  • Academic merit (AQF Level 7 Bachelor Degree with an overall GPA of at least 5, plus study and experience equivalent to an undergrad major, to the satisfaction of the discipline coordinator);
  • Proposed research topic (to be developed in the Expression of Interest form); and
  • Supervisor availability.

Prospective students should begin discussions with potential supervisors in the semester before they intend to enrol. The BA Honours program is a competitive program, and discussions with a potential supervisor are essential but not the only criteria for students’ acceptance.

Note that supervisors will be allocated to successful applicants according to student numbers and workloads, and in some cases you may not be supervised by the person you initially contacted.

Due Dates

The main round of Honours applications, for the 2024 academic year, will close on Monday 18 December 2023. Note that initial enrolment in this program is only available in SP1. Please be sure to discuss with potential supervisors and fill out the application form details below as soon as possible. Depending on application numbers and supervisor availability, we may offer a later round of applications through January, 2024.

Bachelor of Arts Honours Application Form

Student Details
For existing or previous JCU students
*NB: Please list exact GPA if known, Overall course GPA.
Campus *
Enrolment * NB: This can be changed during your program

Research Information
For example: If you don’t have an Undergraduate Major in your proposed discipline, or have some other unique circumstances; prizes & and awards, previous research experience etc.

Please attach your most recent transcript.
All disciplines and topics vary, so you may omit some of the suggested questions but use these as a guide:
1. What is your research question?
2. What is your theoretical or conceptual perspective?
3. What is your methodology or approach to answering the research question?
4. What do you expect to use as key sources and/or data?
5. What new or interesting insights do you think you may be able to offer from your research?
6. You should include a reference list (not included in the 1-2 page limit).
If you do not meet the eligibility requirements but still want to be considered as a potential BA Honours student, please attach a further statement, plus two academic references supporting your application in Word, PDF, or ZIP format for multiple files.

Contact Details

The BA Honours Coordinator is A/Prof Theresa Petray. In general, though, your communication will primarily be through your supervisor and/or your discipline contact person, listed below.

Anthropology  Prof Rosita Henry
Archaeology Dr Nigel Chang
Creative Arts & Media Prof Ryan Daniel
Criminology Dr Mark David Chong
English Dr Roger Osborne
History Dr Claire Brennan
Human Geography A/Prof Lisa Law
Human Services Dr Vinitta Mosby
Languages Dr Florence Boulard
Politics & International Relations Dr Anna Hayes
Sociology A/Prof Theresa Petray