CASE Research Reimagining identity and belonging in Australia

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Reimagining identity and belonging in Australia: A multidimensional model of justice for social change

People: Dr Hyacinth Udah, Professor Parlo Singh, Professor Lucy Jordan

Aim: With a special interest in social justice and social change, this project engages in a deep ethnography into the social organisational work of some exceptional non-white Australian social change leaders to develop a multidimensional model of social justice for policies and programs that improve social, economic, and wellbeing outcomes in communities across Australia. This pilot study is the first step in planning, and modifying the main study, which needs to be innovative conceptually, methodologically, and practically in design. Through interviews and focus groups, this pilot study will support the generation of valuable data to inform the adequacy of theories, methods, procedures, and feasibility of the main study, leading to future ARC discovery grant application. The main research project will address a significant gap in knowledge of the ways racialised people have transformed racism experiences into productive work in Australia.

Grant: $5,000 Small CASE Grants Program

Partners: Turbans4Australia and Barefoot to Boots (BTB)