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With Dan Rogers, Robertson O'Gorman

Law Seminar Series - Criminal Law & Advocacy

Monday 18 September, 12:00pm-1:00pm
Where: This is an Online Event

In this week’s seminar we are joined by Dan Rogers, Principal Lawyer at Robertson O'Gorman Solicitors explores the value of impactful advocacy in the legal system. Discover how skilfully articulating and challenging cases can prevent injustice for your clients and positively impact your community. Enhance your advocacy skills to become a force for positive change. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your advocacy prowess and pave the way to a more just society.

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About the Presenter

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Dan is the Principal of Robertson O'Gorman Solicitors; a large private defence firm in Brisbane. An accredited specialist in criminal law, he is recognised as a leading criminal lawyer across Australia. Dan regularly presents to other solicitors at Queensland Law Society conferences and seminars. He conducts guest lectures on criminal law at various universities. He has been published in law journals and has contributed to legal texts on criminal law and human rights. In addition to his core criminal defence work, Dan also represents legal and health professionals facing disciplinary allegations. Dan has practised across Australia but has also worked at the International Criminal Court (The Hague, Netherlands) in the Office of Public Counsel for Defence. He continues to advise local and foreign clients on international law, extradition, human rights and the administration of justice. Dan has a passion and commitment for social justice and human rights. He occupies a number of important roles in that space including: Attorney-General‘s Appointed Member, Queensland Law Society Council; President, Caxton Legal Centre; Queensland’s largest community legal centre; Member (former Chair), Queensland Law Society Human Rights and Public Law Committee; Member, Queensland Law Society Ethics Committee; and Member, Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council; advising the Attorney-General on sentencing matters. As a solicitor advocate, Dan regularly argues his own cases in the higher courts.

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