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Project: Banana Industry Value Stacking

This research initiative was established to identify opportunities to ‘value stack’ in the North and Far North Queensland banana industry, including on-farm and along the banana supply and value chains.

Its primary aims are to reduce waste from paddock to plate and improve environmental, economic, and food security outcomes.

We are interested in talking with people working in all aspects of the banana industry who are willing to share their experiences producing bananas and/or the supply and value chains of the industry. Initially, this would involve a 30-minute interview conducted in person or by video call.

Please use the buttons below to learn more about our research, meet the team and register your details to participate.

Thank you for your interest in this new and exciting project and we look forward to talking with you.

You can choose one or both options to participate in the project:

1. Participate in the research

Initially, we would like to interview a small group of people actively involved in the banana industry. Interviews will take approximately 30 minutes and can be conducted in person or over video call. We are hoping to include a range of people from the banana industry, including banana growers, those in logistics, the supply chain, the value chain etc.

To complete an initial interview please register your details for the research.

2. Complete the online survey

Based on the qualitative data we gather from interviews, we intend to develop an online survey accessible to everyone across the banana industry. The survey is likely to take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is set to be available towards the end of 2023.

To complete the industry survey when it's ready, please register your details for the survey.

Why we are doing this project

Quite simply, every organisation in the banana industry, whether growers, logistics companies, supply chain or value chain partners, and sellers of the product need to continue to improve the value of their products and/or services to customers. After all, it is the consumer who ultimately determines if a product or service delivers value for money.

This is a business imperative in today’s fluid environment characterised by rapidly rising energy costs, high interest rates, the ever-present threat of economic slowdown, increasing costs of living, increasing production costs, and a tightening job market.

This new and exciting project is looking at the banana industry to identify opportunities to value stack, ultimately increasing value to both individual industry actors, and customers. But we do need your assistance to achieve our goals.

Murray Prideaux

Dr Leonie Cassidy

Joint lead researchers Murray and Leonie are based in JCU's College of Business, Law, and Governance.

Both have extensive industry experience prior to their current roles and have been involved in teaching in the supply and value chains for several years.

Bananas at Rusty's markets in Cairns