Library Services Client Service Charter

Library Services Client Service Charter

The purpose of this charter is to communicate the standards of service you can expect from the JCU Library and how you can help to improve services.

What we do

Library Services provides knowledge services to support the University’s high quality education and world-class research through innovative discovery and access to:

  • information resources, scholarly and cultural collections;
  • learning facilities, and
  • library and research services in the physical and virtual environments.

A more detailed description of the Library’s services, resources and training can be found at the Library web site.

Our values

As a Library, we are also guided by the following values:


  • We encourage the process of learning and the life of the mind.
  • We celebrate discourse and discovery.
  • We anticipate and contribute to scholarly inquiry.
  • We promote the Library as both a virtual and physical learning community.
  • We embrace our role as collectors and custodians of the intellectual record.


  • We offer an environment that supports creativity, flexibility, and collaboration.
  • We develop services to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of our users.
  • We evolve to meet the changing information environment.
  • We maintain a comfortable, welcoming and secure place for study, research, work, reflection and interaction.
  • We provide an environment that is inclusive and diverse.


  • We recognise the importance of Library-wide participation.
  • We reach out to our user communities.
  • We share information and solicit opinions about library services and resources.

Who uses our services

Our services are provided primarily to JCU students and staff; and to other libraries. Other users include: prospective students and staff; JCU alumni; the community; the University’s partners, and other stakeholders.

What we will do and what we ask you to do

Library Services staff will:

We ask you to:

  • treat you with courtesy, fairness and respect
  • provide access to collections and discovery tools to support research, teaching, and learning
  • provide hospitable physical and virtual environments for study and research
  • provide a range of spaces for different learning styles
  • provide timely and accurate services
  • assist you to find information and use Library services to meet your specific learning and research needs
  • provide equitable access to resources and services
  • purchase prescribed textbooks according to the Prescribed and Recommended Textbook Guidelines
  • collaborate with other members of the University to enrich the research and learning community
  • advance local, national, and international library and information initiatives
  • show respect and courtesy to staff and to each other
  • return all resources by the due date and in good condition
  • respect and adhere to Library Use Policy
  • comply with copyright legislation
  • regularly read the emails and other correspondence sent to you from the Library
  • provide timely advice on course developments to allow resources to be made available
  • use the Readings service to access high demand journal articles and chapters of books online
  • deposit rubbish in bins; and respect library facilities, equipment, collections, furniture and property
  • provide feedback to the Library
  • switch mobile phones and other devices to silent upon entering the library building

How we measure our performance

The Library conducts client satisfaction surveys on a regular basis and reports back on actions taken. Our performance is measured against a set of Operating Performance Targets (OPT) monitored by Library management. We also use a comprehensive set of statistics reported to the Council of Australian University Librarians to benchmark our performance against other university libraries.

How you can assist us to improve library services

You can provide constructive feedback including: