Professional Experience Placement Vaccine Requirements Schedule

Vaccine Requirements Schedule

You are responsible for all costs associated with meeting the immunisation and health requirements for Professional Experience Placement.

Please visit your own General Practitioner or the JCU Health General Practice to obtain your vaccines and serology.  

JCU Health recommended vaccination schedule

Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3
(1 month after Visit 2)
Visit 4
(6 months after Visit 2)
Visit 5
(1 month after last vaccination)

Review of Immunisation History

1st Hep B or Booster

2nd Hep B

3rd Hep B

Hep B serology, if required

If required Varicella, Measles, Mumps and Rubella and Hep B serology

1st Varicella injection $84.00

2nd Varicella injection


Varicella serology, if required


1st MMR injection or Booster

2nd MMR injection,
(if required)


MMR serology, If required

HIV / Hep C serology
(Applicable to Dental students/ 4th Year Medical Students/1st Year students studying Midwifery)

dTpA Injection
(Pertussis/Whooping Cough/ADT)


Veterinary Science placements

First visit – Skin test ($64) / Blood test (TTH Pathology)

Second visit – Vaccine if required – exactly 7 days from skin test ($154)

If required.

Three (3) injections given across 28 days (day 1, day 7 and day 28) at $140 per vaccine.

Tetanus Vaccination: $55

Vaccination costs

Please be advised prices of vaccines may change.

Pathology tests are bulk-billed through Sullivan Nicolaides, and for international students through TTH Pathology.

Consults are bulk-billed at JCU Health for all JCU students with a Medicare card. International students are rebate fee only.

Please inform Reception that your immunisations are for your Professional Experience Placements so the necessary paperwork is ready for your first appointment. 

Overseas placements

Vaccine requirements for overseas placements will depend on the country and your other travel requirements.

You will require a TRAVEL CONSULT with a GP as there may be additional vaccines required. We recommend you make the appointment at least three (3) months prior to departure to ensure you will be fully vaccinated.

Travel consults at JCU Health are NOT bulk-billed ($130 with $71.70 Medicare Rebate). Additional appointments for further vaccines will be bulk-billed for JCU students.