Professional Experience Placement Unit, JCU Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

All pre-placement enquiries and documentation should be submitted to the Professional Experience Placement Unit.

Cairns Campus Townsville Campus

Professional Experience Placement Unit

JCU Cairns
Ground Floor, Room 019
Building A2 (Map)

Phone +61 7 4232 1065

Professional Experience Placement Unit

JCU Townsville
Ground Floor, Room 001
Building 41 (Map)

Phone +61 7 4781 4697

Enquiries during and after placement may be forwarded to the following profession specific contacts:

Justice of the Peace (Cairns Campus)

The Cairns Professional Experience Placement Office offers a free JP service by appointment only at A2.019.

Our Justice of the Peace (Qual) carries out a range of free legally-related tasks to assist our students on campus which may include:

  • Witnessing documents
  • Witnessing statutory declarations
  • Witnessing affidavits
  • Witnessing and administering oaths and affirmations
  • Certifying true copies of original documents
  • Certifying a person’s identity.

To book an appointment on a Monday, Thursday or Friday, please include your name, telephone number, desired appointment time and the type of service you require. Please bring photographic identification (such as a drivers licence) to your appointment.