Professional Placement Unit, JCU Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

All pre-placement enquiries and documentation should be submitted to the Professional Placement Unit.

Cairns Campus Townsville Campus

Professional Placement Unit

JCU Cairns
Ground Floor, Room 019
Building A2 (Map)

Phone +61 7 4232 1065

Professional Placement Unit

JCU Townsville
Ground Floor, Room 001
Building 47 'Pharmacy and Medical Research' (Map)

Phone +61 7 4781 4697

Enquiries during and after placement may be forwarded to the following profession specific contacts:

Justice of the Peace

The Cairns Placement Office offers a free JP service by appointment only at A2.019.

Our Justice of the Peace (Qual) carries out a range of free legally-related tasks to assist our students on campus which may include:

  • Witnessing documents
  • Witnessing statutory declarations
  • Witnessing affidavits
  • Witnessing and administering oaths and affirmations
  • Certifying true copies of original documents
  • Certifying a person’s identity.

To book an appointment, please include your name, telephone number, desired appointment time and the type of service you require.